armaun saheli


Stoked to see a new team edit from Master! They recently picked up a grip of Ams including Kameren Boun, Matt Bastard, Armaun Siheli, Hoang Tom, and Randy Rush. All these familiar faces along with the usual Master crew we all know and love make for one KILLER video! Kareem killed it with the intro too, really gave the video a ton of character. This got me stoked to ride but even more importantly, stoked to film. Don’t sleep on this one and support MASTER HERE

SuckMyComp3 – Warmup n Cooldown

Ramon just dropped this footage from the day before our Suckmycomp 3 competition of everyone getting their shred on and feeling the park out. Too much good stuff in here to call out, don’t miss this one!

(Also side note can someone come out next year and actually film our competition? Nobody ever does whats the deal with that okay thanks)

Old Clips with Armaun Saheli

This was definitely a treat to see on a shitty Monday morning. Armaun is one of my favorite dudes to watch on a bike. As he’s approaching a spot, you just never know what trick he’s gonna do. Even though these are old clips, they’re fucking killer. Really hope to see new footage from him soon. Don’t miss this one.


Rad one from the SD Framerot boys. Bunch of throwaway iPhone clips from the whole squad which are still really solid. They’re still filming for their full length edit, so be on the lookout for that in the future. These dudes always know how to have a good time and keep it entertaining. Stoked to see more of these.