THAT’S RIGHT BABY. We’re excited to announce that we’re back again this year with the 4th annual Suck My Comp FGFS competition! We’re bringing it back to Stanton Skatepark on August 17th (On a Saturday). There will be prizes, mini games, a best trick jam, raffles, and of course the main competition! Cash prizes for Pro division and some juicy prizes for the Ams. $5 to enter the competition, free to enter for everything else like the mini games and best trick jam. Save the date and tell your friends! Big thank you to our sponsors Master Bike Co, Ruff Bike Co, FOAD Gang, and LDG for helping make this happen. See you there!

SuckMyComp4_Flyer w logos

Johnathan Ball | Table Top

While out with my friend today doing regular stuff we found ourselves next to a skatepark. By chance, I had my bike AND camera in my car so I told him to come take a picture of me real at this shitty little skatepark. I set him up, dialed in the settings, and let the continuous bursts fly until I got one I dubbed decent enough. You can tell I wasn’t really out riding by evidence via workout shoes. Buy a Ruff frame HERE

ruff table


The year is wrapping up and FGFS parts are getting tough to find. Rest assured, your FGFS saviors are here to guide you towards the FGFS light! We put one of these out in 2016 and that entire list is now completely irrelevant. So of course that means it’s time for an updated version. Enjoy!




Quite possibly the most recognizable face in the Fixed Gear scene, Andy Sparks is an outspoken man with vast amounts of fixed gear knowledge and skill. Being in the scene for almost 10 years now, Andy knows a thing or two about the “sport”. Here we gave him a chance to talk about himself and spread some fixie knowledge to the new generation of fixed gear kids. Buckle up, cause this just might be our best interview yet. Big thanks to Andy for being down to share his thoughts and thanks to Slumworm for providing essentially all the photos, we here at SMC are honored! If you aren’t already, follow Andy on IG @lolandysparks . The Andy Sparks interview is here, enjoy:




THEY’RE FINALLY HERE. The Ruff frames that myself, Matt Spencer, Jacob Ruff, Jackson Bradshaw, and Elliott Milner have been riding for the past few months is finally available to the public as a frameset! Easily the best bike I’ve ever ridden, so happy for people to get their hands on these. Send us pics of your builds on Instagram @suckmycog and we’ll repost them! BUY THEM HERE




Toptube Length – 560mm
Headtube Angle – 75.25° (with SLEEPER fork)
Headtube Length – 125mm
Seattube Angle – 74°
Seattube Length – 295mm
Chainstay Length – 380mm
BB Height – 14mm
BB Width – 73mm
Heat-treated Chromoly Tubing
120mm Spaced 14mm Dropouts
Removable Brake Mounts & Cable Stop
Tire Clearance 2.35″
25.4 Seatpost
Fits Up To 28t Sprocket
Gloss Raw


A2C – 400mm
Offset – 20mm
Heat-treated Chromoly Tubing
3/8″ Dropouts
Tire Clearance 2.35″
Integrated Crown Race
Threaded Top Cap
Gloss Raw