One of the most popular names in the game for a long time just made a resurrection! Destroy was a prominent name in the game for a long time until they went on a hiatus for the last 4ish years. Today they rise from the ashes with a brand new trick track frame called “The Omen“. This is a classic case of beauty + beast and is exactly what people are looking for in the scene right now. This 4130 chromoly frame can fit 42c tires, has interchangeable geometry depending on fork length (longer fork for tricks, shorter fork for track), beautiful details, and gussets for strength while still being light at only 5 pounds. I haven’t seen anybody shredding it yet, but by the looks of it, it seems like an all around killer bike. Find more details HERE

Samuel Rodriguez & His Destroy Unicorn Killer

Samuel Rodriguez went MIA for a little bit and we didn’t ride with him for a good year at least cause he was busy with other stuff. Luckily for us, he’s been back and fucking killing it under the radar. He got hold of a Destroy Unicorn Killer recently after being on an Unknown V3 for god knows how long. Here’s his new build though and it looks sick as fuck.

Also, we’ve been filming an edit for him and it’s already got some fire tricks. Look out for that in the future



Elliott Milner + Corey San Agustin | Table Practice

Elliott, Corey, and Penrose came to my area yesterday so I took them to the riverbed ditch 5 minutes from my place to this channel gap. The two were both practicing their tabletops so I took out my camera and shot a few pictures of them.

IMG_6266 IMG_6270 IMG_6272 IMG_6273


Corey’s Stay Strapped part just dropped by Wolf Drawn. I’ve watched the DVD like 20 times at least and I never get sick of Corey’s part. A perfect mix of technical riding with bangers plus all the pegless goodness Corey is known for. That ender is still insane, Corey went through hell to get that clip. Check this out if you haven’t seen it yet.


Last week myself, Corey San Agustin, Michael Penrose, and Miguel Zendejas headed out to LA to snag some clips. This was Corey’s first outing with friends on the new whip, so I had to grab some pictures of it. Awesome looking build for sure. Destroy knows how to make frames. More photos after the jump.


Frame | Destroy 29er

Bars | Destroy

Fork | Phoenix

Front Wheel | MTX Laced to Demolition

Rear Wheel | MTX Laced to Machete

Tires | Bombtrack Helix Gum Top