Holy shit was this a surprise on a quiet Tuesday afternoon. Jackson’s newest web edit is absolute insanity. His Gang Signs part was incredible, but he somehow managed to blow it out of the water with this one. So much tech you have to watch it 10 times (minimum) to fully grasp everything that’s going on, style looking better than ever, and music choice makes the vibe awesome. Whatever you’re doing right now isn’t important anymore and you need to make watching this a priority. I didn’t even realize the edit is over 4 minutes long. Feels like a 2 minute watch. No filler all killer. Good fucking shit Jackson. If thieth were around, I’m sure he’d give it a HUGE “fucking killing it”. Ender was too wild.

FGFS Porn | Jaoa’s Destroy Unicorn Killer

While I was out in Thailand I managed to snap some shots of Jaoa’s sweet new 2014 Destroy Unicorn Killer. Click here for a rundown and details of the frame. More photos after the jump.

Also, check out the rest of Destroy’s new lineup of FGFS frames here!




Ricardo Lino | Destroy Bikes Presents THE BRAINIAC

Ricardo Lino went so hard to promote his new Destroy Bikes‘ signature frame, The Brainiac. He killed the peg game coming in with HUGE hubbas and rails. Switch double pegs like it’s nobody’s business and the x-up double at the end was huge. Such huge stuff going on here, definitely worth a few watches. Frame looking good too!