Ricardo Lino | Destroy Bikes Presents THE BRAINIAC

Ricardo Lino went so hard to promote his new Destroy Bikes‘ signature frame, The Brainiac. He killed the peg game coming in with HUGE hubbas and rails. Switch double pegs like it’s nobody’s business and the x-up double at the end was huge. Such huge stuff going on here, definitely worth a few watches. Frame looking good too!



One hell of a game changer to finish off the 2013 year. Almost every clip is banger material. I kept expecting the video to end after every trick cause I thought it was the ender. Jaoa doesn’t take shortcuts with his riding and does everything as proper as possible. So stoked on this one. Edited by the one and only, Matt Reyes.


Simon Gomok | 2013 Profile.

Earlier this year, Simon came out to the states to travel and ride bikes. He ended up filming most of this, went across the states for the Grime Coast to Ghost tour, placed in Red Bull Ride + Style, and broke his wrist. I’d say that’s a pretty successful trip if you ask me. This footage is really solid, Simon has such a buttery style. I was stoked when I saw this was out cause it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from him. Doin’ it big for Bombtrack.