Simon Gomok | 2013 Profile.

Earlier this year, Simon came out to the states to travel and ride bikes. He ended up filming most of this, went across the states for the Grime Coast to Ghost tour, placed in Red Bull Ride + Style, and broke his wrist. I’d say that’s a pretty successful trip if you ask me. This footage is really solid, Simon has such a buttery style. I was stoked when I saw this was out cause it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from him. Doin’ it big for Bombtrack.

Throwback: FGG: Westjam.

Not sure if this is actually old enough to be considered “throwback” yet, but I always get hyped off this edit. This is how the energy and vibe should be in all comp edits along with the actual comps themselves in my opinion. FixedGearGeneva did a great job at portraying it. Just makes you wanna go out and ride! We need to bring this vibe back!