Chop Em Down announced yesterday that they will be hosting an FGFS tour around Asia including Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan. Anybody is welcome to join. Filming, Jams, and premieres will be going down in each country. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“We very excited to announce this upcoming Fixed Freestyle Asia Tour. We will be showing our latest full length video in all 4 countries while shooting another full length video. We welcome anyone that wants to join.
Confirmed riders: Steven Jensen, Matt Reyes, Kareem Shehab, Andy Sparks, Dew Sippawit, and Gus Molina”


Chopemdown Asia Tour


This was awesome. Seitaro with Devour films along with a huge crew went on a road trip to Norida├│re and it looked like such a blast. Too many sick tricks going on in here to call out. Funny on 26’s is killer though. Stoked to see new footage of him. This one’s worth a few looks.

Simon Gomok | 2013 Profile.

Earlier this year, Simon came out to the states to travel and ride bikes. He ended up filming most of this, went across the states for the Grime Coast to Ghost tour, placed in Red Bull Ride + Style, and broke his wrist. I’d say that’s a pretty successful trip if you ask me. This footage is really solid, Simon has such a buttery style. I was stoked when I saw this was out cause it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from him. Doin’ it big for Bombtrack.