This was such a treat to see. NEON is a video starring Japanese shredder Marco featuring Takashi, RSK, and Kano all absolutely killing the neon lit streets of Japan. Marco is in his own league when it comes to his jib level, one of my favorite dudes to watch on a fixed gear bike right now. The ender at 5:20 was amazing. I mean hell, the whole thing was great from start to finish. Can’t say enough good things about this, hit play!

Marco 2015 Scraps

I guess these are “scraps” from Marco, but if they had a different title I definitely would’ve thought otherwise. W-Base just upped this edit and it’s filled with some really great riding. Tons of taps and spins and tricks that take a ton of precision, plus a smooth buttery style equals Marco’s riding. So smooth I could watch it all day. If these are scraps, I’m dying to see what his real footage is looking like these days. Don’t miss this one.

E15 Scrap Edit

This was fucking sick. Yuya, Keybow, Bambi, and Marco out of Japan shred in this little scrap edit. Lots of energy and aggression in this one, sick to see these dudes pushing themselves, even if these are scrap clips. Marco’s clip at 2:02 was so sick, definitely the last thing I was expecting. Don† miss this one!


The most famous competition in Japan, the annual SHIOKAZE event, has finally hit it’s final year after 7 consecutive years of throwing the event. Funny took 1st and it was well deserved, although everybody else killed it too. All good things must come to an end, and this event was a staple in the Japanese FGFS scene. Every year it’s seemed like everybody has so much fun and the vibes are always positive. Definitely worth a look. Devourfilms did a good job at putting this one together, as always.

Devour Films | NORIDAORE V

Here’s another recap of the “Noridaore” comp that recently happened, this one by Devour Films. I’d say this one is easily the best recap yet. Tons of coverage, good song choice, and just awesome all around. I didn’t realize how good Marco did from the other edits, but he had some serious bangers in here. Feeble switch up during a comp, what???? People hardly do that for edits, let alone a competition. RSK had some sick shit too. Props to Toyo for taking first though.

If there’s a 6th year, I’m seriously thinking about taking a trip to Japan for this comp. Seems like so much fun.



This was awesome. Seitaro with Devour films along with a huge crew went on a road trip to Noridaóre and it looked like such a blast. Too many sick tricks going on in here to call out. Funny on 26’s is killer though. Stoked to see new footage of him. This one’s worth a few looks.