Meredith Lenz

While I was out in Salt Lake for the Good Times premiere, I had the opportunity to meet Meredith Lenz, one of SLC’s (and possibly the worlds?) only FGFS girls. She was awesome to hang out with and sends it on the bike. We had a blast riding a few street spots and a skatepark, here’s a couple shots I managed to salvage of her and her bike given the dim lighting. Follow her on insta @wavy_mj !


Elliott Milner | Raw

Wolf Drawn just dropped these extras / bails for his upcoming Bombtrack edit that “should be dropping within the week”. Way too stoked to see what Elliott’s had in the works for the past year and a half. Even some of these “extras” are edit worthy. Get stoked for what’s to come, cause Elliott is about to break FGFS.

Marco 2015 Scraps

I guess these are “scraps” from Marco, but if they had a different title I definitely would’ve thought otherwise. W-Base just upped this edit and it’s filled with some really great riding. Tons of taps and spins and tricks that take a ton of precision, plus a smooth buttery style equals Marco’s riding. So smooth I could watch it all day. If these are scraps, I’m dying to see what his real footage is looking like these days. Don’t miss this one.

Wheel Talk | Interbike Dash

While I was in LV for Interbike I got to see a ton of my really good friends including Matt Reyes. He snapped some really nice photos of the complete Bombtrack 2016 Dash that they had on display at the booth and it was looking really good. More photos here. 

BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_Suits BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_ElliottMilner BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_SeatTube BombtrackBicycleCo_Interbike_DASH2016_DriveTrain