IT’S FINALLY HERE. Elliott’s long awaited 2016 edit for Bombtrack and Ruff Bike Co. Elliott is the best. It’s that simple. He’s been working on so many tricks since his last edit, it’s so sick to see him pushing himself to learn new things. His barspins are dialed as fuck now, the first clip with the feeble nollie bar definitely took me by surprise. I love when you watch an edit and have no clue what to expect. The crank 180 (which he put some work in for) looked flawless and his ice 180’s are more dialed than ever. BMX caliber ice 180’s for sure. That ender is simply fucking insane. Wolf Drawn putting in work behind the lens, been loving the way he cuts together stuff lately. Song flowed well, just too many good things to say about this edit and this guy. DON’T MISS IT.

Pick your poison.


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