Johnathan Ball | Unlimited

So this is the longest it’s ever taken me to put out a new edit. The last edit I dropped was in 2015 after the El Toro crash. Recovering since then has been hard. My feet and ankles are so much more prone to injury now and re-injury was occurring throughout this entire filming process. Adding school and work into the mix, finding the time to film stuff was difficult. Two years later though, enough footage stacked up until I realized, “wait, I have over 3 minutes of stuff, I think this is done.” While I don’t know if it’s my best work, I’m still really proud of the final product. Hope you guys enjoy. Also, this wouldn’t of been possible without the support from the SMC fam, especially Deacon for always being down to help me out and film. He really made this happen.


The squad consisting of Zach Babinski, Michael Penrose, Miguel Zendejas, and myself set out last Wednesday to hit up the new Stanton Skatepark! Even though we had to hop a fence (cause the park didn’t open til 2pm) and we ended up getting kicked out, we still managed to snag enough clips to make a little edit. Enjoy!


ANNOUNCING: THE SUCK MY COMP FGFS COMPETITION. Save the date, clear your schedule, make it to this event. As one of the front runners of FGFS, we felt it was finally time to throw an event to stimulate the community. We’ve done our part online, now it’s time to do our part irl. It’s going down at silvo park in Long Beach on August 6th. Come and ride or just come and hangout. Support FGFS by showing up. We’ve already got a few sponsors lined up and will post an updated flyer shortly. Cash prizes and tons of other stuff to give out. Let’s make this happen, DON’T MISS OUT!




Jackson Bradshaw is a man of many talents. His graphic design and animation work gets him jobs and makes him Vine famous, his filming and editing are always high quality, he’s the mastermind behind FOAD, and our favorite of all, he fucking kills it on a bike. Here’s the first of our new “GTK” (Get To Know) Interview series.




As promised, Matt’s edit came out today to promote the new Ruff Bike Co. Can Rims. Its been a little while since Matt has put out his own solo edit and it’s definitely been worth the wait! You can count on him to deliver fucking quality riding and creativity that nobody else fucks with. Brakes have been trending lately but Matt is at the forefront of it and taking full advantage of it with so many insane abubacas in this edit and different tire tap combos. Personal favorite trick in this was the footplant keo variation at 4:04. Executed so perfectly. Matt can do anything from tech to huge gaps as proven in this edit. One of his best pieces to date. Don’t sleep on this one bit. SKRT



IT’S FINALLY HERE. Elliott’s long awaited 2016 edit for Bombtrack and Ruff Bike Co. Elliott is the best. It’s that simple. He’s been working on so many tricksĀ since his last edit, it’s so sick to see him pushing himself to learn new things. His barspins are dialed as fuck now, the first clip with the feeble nollie bar definitely took me by surprise. I love when you watch an edit and have no clue what to expect. The crank 180 (which he put some work in for) looked flawless and his ice 180’s are more dialed than ever. BMX caliber ice 180’s for sure. That ender is simply fucking insane. Wolf Drawn putting in work behind the lens, been loving the way he cuts together stuff lately. Song flowed well, just too many good things to say about this edit and this guy. DON’T MISS IT.

Pick your poison.


Marco 2015 Scraps

I guess these are “scraps” from Marco, but if they had a different title I definitely would’ve thought otherwise. W-Base just upped this edit and it’s filled with some really great riding. Tons of taps and spins and tricks that take a ton of precision, plus a smooth buttery style equals Marco’s riding. So smooth I could watch it all day. If these are scraps, I’m dying to see what his real footage is looking like these days. Don’t miss this one.