Wolf Drawn | park-RAT

Wolf Drawn just dropped this hefty 5 minute park edit featuring the AZ squad plus Jacob Ruff. These dudes are some of the best in the game and never cease to amaze with their riding. Too much stuff in here to really comprehend so watching it a few times is a must. So much style packed into one edit. Don’t miss this one! Featuring Matt Spencer, Elliott Milner, Jacob Ruff, Ian Walker, Justin Congo Mitchell, and Mike Schmitt.

Wheel Talk | Prickly Pear Jam Gallery

Wheel Talk has been dropping day galleries of all of us out in AZ soaking up the 100 degree heat and enjoying each other’s company out in Arizona for the Prickly Pear Jam 2016 that just went down. It was such a blast and these photos from Matt are really amazing. We’ll be dropping our own gallery as well, but check out the rest of these photos here!


As promised, Matt’s edit came out today to promote the new Ruff Bike Co. Can Rims. Its been a little while since Matt has put out his own solo edit and it’s definitely been worth the wait! You can count on him to deliver fucking quality riding and creativity that nobody else fucks with. Brakes have been trending lately but Matt is at the forefront of it and taking full advantage of it with so many insane abubacas in this edit and different tire tap combos. Personal favorite trick in this was the footplant keo variation at 4:04. Executed so perfectly. Matt can do anything from tech to huge gaps as proven in this edit. One of his best pieces to date. Don’t sleep on this one bit. SKRT


Johnathan Ball | Feeble Stall

Wolf Drawn caught these rad photos of myself last year out in AZ at this crazy ditch spot. Photos don’t do it justice on how steep this thing is. It was hard to get tricks on but I thought about doing this pedal feeble stall on it. After giving it a few goes and falling backwards a couple times, I dialed it in for a couple photos and the clip. I love the way these shots came out.

tumblr_nxb9kidpm71ta7y4po2_1280 tumblr_nxb9kidpm71ta7y4po1_1280

Justin Congo Mitchell | Coming Soon

Congo has been putting in work with Wolf Drawn out in AZ filming for a new solo webby. Matt says it will be out sooner than later, so keep a look out for that in the near future, so stoked for it. Here’s a shot of him blasting off a loading dock by Matt Spencer.