Turf just dropped one hell of an edit featuring all the street shred from the Prickly Pear Jam weekend. So many names and so many different styles coming together in one edit makes for one of the most entertaining videos that you definitely need to sit back and enjoy. Mike killed it in front of and behind the camera in this one and cut it up together proper. Jimmy Watcha aka fixieking is a savage and pulls a lot of the weight in this one. Other than that there’s way too much stuff in this to call out so you need to watch this right now.

Wolf Drawn | park-RAT

Wolf Drawn just dropped this hefty 5 minute park edit featuring the AZ squad plus Jacob Ruff. These dudes are some of the best in the game and never cease to amaze with their riding. Too much stuff in here to really comprehend so watching it a few times is a must. So much style packed into one edit. Don’t miss this one! Featuring Matt Spencer, Elliott Milner, Jacob Ruff, Ian Walker, Justin Congo Mitchell, and Mike Schmitt.

SMC Prickly Pear Jam Photo Gallery

The now legendary Prickly Pear Jam in Arizona is done and everybody is still buzzing off the energy it brought to the community. I planned on taking more video and making an edit, but Mike and Slum seemed to have that covered and I was having too much fun riding with all these dudes to really put my bike down. I picked up my camera a bit though in between riding to cool off a bit and hide from the AZ heat and heres what I got. Easily one of the best FGFS events I’ve ever been to.



Wheel Talk | Prickly Pear Jam Gallery

Wheel Talk has been dropping day galleries of all of us out in AZ soaking up the 100 degree heat and enjoying each other’s company out in Arizona for the Prickly Pear Jam 2016 that just went down. It was such a blast and these photos from Matt are really amazing. We’ll be dropping our own gallery as well, but check out the rest of these photos here!


A jam is going down in AZ (courtesy of Turf Bikes) this May titled the “Prickly Pear Jam”. AZ FGFS is going off right now and this jam will be as well. 100% rider supported and created. If you can make it, you need to go to this, cause it’s gonna be insanely fun. DIY spot, BBQ, camping, homies, and FGFS. What else could you ask for? Visit the Prickly Pear Jam website for more info!