Shots I got from the Salt Lake City premiere of the FOAD Good Times premiere, being there was a blast and the energy there was absolutely incredible. Watch the full length video here!



SMC Prickly Pear Jam Photo Gallery

The now legendary Prickly Pear Jam in Arizona is done and everybody is still buzzing off the energy it brought to the community. I planned on taking more video and making an edit, but Mike and Slum seemed to have that covered and I was having too much fun riding with all these dudes to really put my bike down. I picked up my camera a bit though in between riding to cool off a bit and hide from the AZ heat and heres what I got. Easily one of the best FGFS events I’ve ever been to.



In The Making | Dew Sippawit CAPONE Signature Frame

Some shots have been slowly releasing from Dew and Capone Bikes announcing the making of a signature frame in the works. Bike looking good for sure! No details yet, but if Dew is in the mix, it’s bound to be good. Give Capone a like and follow Dew on instagram @dewsippawit to keep updated! More photos after the jump.



Calvin Gunt | Rail Smith

A few days ago we all went riding in HB, and everybody was going in. It was Calvin’s first time riding in a while and first thing he says to us is “I think I can get on that rail”. We all looked at each other and weren’t really sure if he meant it or not, because what’s not apparent in the picture is the bike length gap that you have to hop in order to get on that rail. Sure enough, Calvin pulled off this smith and the crowd went wild. SO insane. Photo by Phil Arellano.

Locked Cog


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.40.11 AM

SPIKE Parts | 26″ Freestyle Fork

Spike parts just announced that their new Freestyle Fork is now available for purchase. One of the best looking forks out there right now. And at an affordable price of $135, might as well pick one up right now! Get yours here! More photos after the click.


-AXLE TO CROWN LENGTH:408mm/16.06〞
-OFFSET: 20mm
-COLOR:ED BLACK, Metallic Silver