Checking In: Jacob Santos

We’ve been riding with Jacob for a long time now (He had a section in our first full length video Young Guns in 2014). While he’s gone through periods of disappearing, he’s been riding pretty often lately and it’s been great to see him more consistently. Here’s some flicks of him from last Saturday showing off his current Capone build that he painted himself. Impressive paint job in my opinion. Full set + bike check after the jump!



We announced that Chase Davis is now riding for Capone Bikes not too long ago, and we already have a fire welcome edit! Chase is one of my favorite dudes on a bike these days so I’m real happy he got put on, dude deserves the world. Jackson behind the camera an editing so you know it’s quality. Ender was definitely not expected, You’re fuckin up if you sleep on this!

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Capone just unleashed their brand new 2018 frame and it looks amazing! This bad boy is available in 3 different colors (Black, Raw, Bright ass Yellow), 74.5 degree headtube angle, rear brake mounts, and is SHIPPING FOR FREE WORLDWIDE!!! Here’s what Capone has to say about these frames:

“After two years researching and developing, after Capone Laforte, Capone Cardinal, we now are launching the new 2018 version fixed gear freestyle frame. It doesn’t have a name or its name is Capone 2018.
We choose the reliable yet economic material 4130 chromoly, removable brake mounts added due to the new demand, 125mm headtube covers all body heights, 74.5 degree HT angle for the quick response, 365mm chainstay length gives you ultimate flexibility, classic yolk design compensates the tire clearance and tube strength, 2.3in tire fits, peg friendly drop out plates, 28T and less sprockets recommended, weighs 2.6 kilograms, coming with 3 colors.”


Matt Spencer | Voltage

Matt just dropped this awesome park edit for Capone. Matt has so much flow and so much bike control, watching him ride is always a treat. All of these parks he hit up in who knows where all look like so much fun, Matt definitely takes advantage of em’. Getting too good with that rear brake. Don’t miss this!