Checking In: Jacob Santos

We’ve been riding with Jacob for a long time now (He had a section in our first full length video Young Guns in 2014). While he’s gone through periods of disappearing, he’s been riding pretty often lately and it’s been great to see him more consistently. Here’s some flicks of him from last Saturday showing off his current Capone build that he painted himself. Impressive paint job in my opinion. Full set + bike check after the jump!

Current build rundown:

  • Capone Cardinal frame
  • Master Bike Co. Chopstick fork
  • Ruff Bike Co. GC bars
  • 26″ MTX-33 rims
  • Master Bike Co. rear hub
  • Eclat front hub
  • LDG Coffin sprocket
  • Resist cranks
  • Tree pivotal saddle
  • YNOT Straps
  • Demolition Momentum tires

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