Introducing | FGFS SWAPMEET

We did a thing. This is FGFS Swapmeet. It’s an online shop to get used FGFS parts from a reliable source, just as you were buying from a retailer. We’ll be constantly swapping out parts as they’re sold and maybe having some rare hard-to-find stuff on there. You can link to it HERE, we’ve already put some stuff onto it.



Fewer and fewer FGFS companies have been in existence over the last few years and people don’t know where to get parts. This post is to shine some light on people who don’t know where to turn for new FGFS specific stuff. Share this with the people who keep complaining about broken shit on their bikes.




A super limited amount of the new Ruff Bike Co. GC “Plus” Bars are available for purchase. The same GC bars you know and love with a little extra rise on them making them have 6.5 inches of rise. One Raw Glass left, Two Matte Black left. GET EM HERE BEFORE THEY’RE GONE!



Ruff just dropped a new product simultaneously with Elliott’s newest edit called the “Can Rims“. With the declining rate of FGFS specific parts, this is just what the doctor ordered, especially with the mega-affordable price of $50 a rim. Ruff is keeping shit alive. If you need some new rims, the Ruff Can rims are just what you need. Support FGFS, SNAG EM HERE!

Here’s what WOLF DRAWN had to say about them:

“Ruff Bike Co is extremely excited to bring you the RUFF CAN RIM. In the last few years there has been a decrease in fixed specific parts and we felt we had an opportunity to contribute to the riders by offering these hoops. The rims come with heat treated alloy double-walled design that creates a stiff and durable wheel to be able to huck those big drops and ride away. Coming in polished silver and anodized black at a competitive price of $50.”


  • Polished Silver & Anodized Black
  • 26″
  • Staggered Drilled 36 Hole
  • Double-Walled Design
  • Heat Treated Alloy
  • 33mm Wide
  • Straight Sidewall
  • ERD: 540
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Price: $50



Chackong, a bike manufacturer out of China, recently dropped a ton of new products via instagram and this shit looks pretty solid for a great price. Not too sure about the geo and specific info about these products, but they look solid and they ship worldwide. Here’s what Samten had to say about their products: “Chackong from China, engaged in the fixed gear bicycle industry five years, we attach importance to cultural development of single-speed bike, and now we have the popular and high quality products to the rest of the world, if interested, contact us at”

So email for inquiries. Prices listed below. More after the jump.

Samten “Navigate” 4 Piece Bars – $30

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.26.11 AM