The year is wrapping up and FGFS parts are getting tough to find. Rest assured, your FGFS saviors are here to guide you towards the FGFS light! We put one of these out in 2016 and that entire list is now completely irrelevant. So of course that means it’s time for an updated version. Enjoy!




While Bombtrack pulled out of the FGFS scene, their bikes didn’t die! Bombtrack handed over the BT Divide design to Radio bikes. Walmart has a couple of them in stock HERE, but if they’re sold out by the time you see this contact them with an inquiry on how to purchase HERE. (DISCLAIMER, THESE COME WITH A CASSETTE HUB, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A FIXED GEAR HUB TO REPLACE IT)



The Bombtrack Zion is now the Radio Ceptor complete. Radio does not have a webstore, so contact them on where / how to purchase HERE. Although this comes with a cassette hub, this has everything you need to get started with some quality parts! (DISCLAIMER, THESE COME WITH A CASSETTE HUB, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A FIXED GEAR HUB TO REPLACE IT)


Subrosa Riza UTB 700c

The Subrosa complete is a good stepping stone into FGFS at a very economical pricepoint. The taller bars and freestyle fork make for a more FGFS style feel than a normal track bike + added durability. (DISCLAIMER, THESE COME WITH A CASSETTE HUB, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A FIXED GEAR HUB TO REPLACE IT)


Subrosa Erro UTB 700c

Essentially same as the Subrosa Riza but with smaller bars and a weaker crankset. It does have a better price point though! (DISCLAIMER, THESE COME WITH A CASSETTE HUB, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A FIXED GEAR HUB TO REPLACE IT)


NS Analog 700c

This is a suuuper entry level FGFS complete option. Something like this would definitely NOT hold up to heavy BMX influenced tricks, but it might not be a bad option for someone looking to get into basic tarck style tricks and maybe some 180s and curb tricks.



Ruff Bike Co Sleeper Frameset

Just released, the Ruff Bike Co Sleeper Frameset is the newest frameset on the market tailored to your modern FGFS needs!


Master Bike Co. Hightek Frameset

A modern FGFS frame and fork that comes in plenty of fun colors! Quality frames and forks at a lower pricepoint than the Ruff framesets. (Pictured is just the frame, but it comes as a set)


NewPro SL1

Brad from Nem Pro has some older geo Skylmt SL1 frames on his Ebay that never got mass produced.


LDG Hammer 700c

The only 700c FGFS option left, sold by yours truly!

2hammers copy


Master Chopstick Fork

Master sells their forks separate from their frames. Front brake friendly!


LDG Freestyle Fork

FGFS fork that works well for 26″ or 700c with a 420 a2c, sold by yours truly!


Pagan Demon Fork

Pagan opened their store back up and has some cool forks on it. The site isn’t very english friendly so if you can figure it out, by all means!



Ruff Bike Co GC Bars

The legendary GC bars are some of the most trusted in the scene. There aren’t any available right now, but check in constantly because they’re always having random drops of small batches on these guys, definitely worth the wait!


Master 6.25″ Bars

Newest bars on the market from Master Bike Co. At 6.25″, they’re ideal for the modern FGFS rider!


LDG Freestyle Bars

A slightly lower option at 5.5″ if really tall bars aren’t your thing! Sold by yours truly.


LDG Double Gusset Freestyle Bars

A smaller option at 4 inches if you feel like having your whip look a little fancier than usual!


LDG Santos Bars

LDG still has the famous Santos bars in stock! An even smaller rise option at 3.74″


Pagan Demon Handlebar

I don’t know much about these. They look good though and at 5.9″ of rise, they seem like a good option for someone in the middle. Once again, the site isn’t very english friendly, but if you can navigate it go for it!


Cult Race Bars

5.75″ bars from the reliable BMX brand Cult. They’re sold out on Cult’s website, but there are plenty of buying options on the web.


S&M 6.5″ Bruiser Bar

The BMX brand S&M has always had some nice bar options in our size. These 6.5″ rise bars are perfect height in the eyes of many for your modern FGFS needs. Our boy Michael Penrose has been running these for a while with no problem.


S&M 7″ 4 Piece Cruiser Bar

Wild looking option also from S&M, but at a good height for someone looking for taller bars!


S&M 5.75″ Cruiser Slam Bar

Another good lower rise bar option from S&M


NS District Riser Bars

For those of you that reeeeaally want an old school FGFS look, NS still makes riser style bars!

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 5.02.37 PM


Ruff Bike Co. Can Rims (26″)

The ideal 26″ option. Strong, light, and good looking!


Sun Ringle MTX-33’s (26″ + 29″)

The MTX-33’s have been a go to for a long time in the FGFS scene. They come in 26″ and 29″, but the bigger option is hard to find these days in 36h (the ideal hole count for trick wheels). I did find a link to some 29″ 36H rims HEREHERE, and HERE, and a link to 26″ 36H HERE, but not sure how long these will last because Sun Ringle does not produce these anymore. Check google shopping options and ebay for these rims though because there are always plenty of places that have them!


Stolen Rampage (26″ + 29″)

These things look like a pretty good option, but I haven’t heard anything about them or know anybody with them. They come in 29″ 36H though, which is rare! They also have some cool colors! (26″ is sold out, but you may be able to find them around the web)


NS Fundamental (26″)

These look like a strong option, but they only come in 32H. So if you have a 32H hub for some reason, this might be a good option to try out!


Rear Hubs

Master Bike Co. 64 Hub

Truly the only rear hub you should consider. Master has spare axles too if you need em!


Spike Vault Hub

There’s a leftover bunch of Spike Vault hubs on AliExpress from back when Spike made hubs. They’re good hubs, but have no replacement parts / warranty / anything if you break them.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 5.26.36 PM


Still Pour

Handmade in Oregon, made by Blaqpaks!



Trusted for years and comes in tons of different styles!


Velo City Bags

Made in SLC and trusted by Chase Davis!



Made in Portland!


Hold Fast

The original foot strap! Less stiff than the other options. Tons of crazy colorways!



More of a budget option for those looking to save!


TIRES (Street Riding Recommendations) 

Stolen Joint Tires (26″)

Very ideal 2.2″ size and comes in standard black and a cool camo colorway!


Stolen Atlas Tires (26″ & 29″)

Same tread as the Stolen joint tires but for those looking for big boy monster truck tires. They also come in the black and snow camo colorways. 26″ comes in 2.3″ and the 29″ comes in a whopping 2.5″, probably too big for most people.


S&M Speedball (26″)

Another big boi tire option coming in at 2.4″ and what a couple of our team members here at SMC ride. A little big and a little heavy.


Cult x Vans Tire (26″ + 29″)

Classic Vans Wafflegrip in tire format! The 26″ version comes in 2.1″ and 2.3″ + a bunch of cool color options! The 29″ version comes in 2.1″ and equally as many color options.


Resist Nomad (29″ / 700c)

Resist / Demolition has Red Wall 45c Resist Nomads in stock still, personally one of my favorite tires! Very light weight, but very thin and prone to thorns.


That concludes the FGFS buyers guide for this year, hope this helps some of you guys find things you need and don’t forget to tag us in pics of your builds on IG @suckmycog!


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