We all know FGFS bikes are unfortunately tricky to source parts for, so this is probably our most anticipated article of the year. I present to you the extensive FGFS Buyer’s Guide of 2022!

In this post i’ll list options that are currently available to buy, as well as options that may be out of stock at the time you’re reading but will be back in stock eventually. Let the list commence!


We’ll start with complete bikes:

Crew Defender 700c // $299

The Crew Defender is an extremely well priced 700c bike that can easily be used as an FGFS bike. While I wouldn’t recommend it for veterans, it’s a great entry level bike. The small is sold out at the time of writing this post, but the larges are still in stock for an incredible $299. If you’re a bit taller, this could be a great option for you.

SGV Bicycles Volume Thrasher Builds // $999

If you’ve been researching for FGFS parts online, you likely have come across the SGV website (We’ll be talking about them a lot throughout this article). They managed to get a hold of a bunch of NOS Volume and Resist parts and are currently offering Volume Thrasher V2 builds as completes that you can buy online. With a major price jump from the Defender at a whopping $999, the higher price point will get you a higher quality build for sure. I’m a little skeptical about that sprocket and cranks though, so you might need to switch those out.

Radio Ceptor // $730

The Radio Ceptor complete is what remains of the Bombtrack legacy. It’s the legendary Bombtrack Zion frame in disguise and is genuinely the best option on this list. The downside is that this comes complete with a cassette hub, not an FGFS hub. The frame though, unlike most 26″ cruisers, is equipped with 120mm spacing which is perfect for FGFS hubs. So although you’ll need to swap the hub out to make this an FGFS build, the parts on this complete are more quality than most people’s aftermarket builds. I would highly recommend this option if quality is your preference. This option will run you about $730 for the bike. It’s currently in stock at Albes and Modern Bike.

Verde Vario 650b // $650

While I personally don’t know much about these bikes, I do know that Verde makes some quality stuff, so this can’t be that bad. What I can tell from the bike though is that it’s got a trick fork, some beefy tires, and comes with a flip flop hub. Seems like you can shred this thing out the box if you add some straps. Price point at $650 seems a little steep. If anyone decides to go with this option, please let us know how it is!

Stolen Zeke // $600

Here is one more 26″ cruiser that comes built with some quality parts and good geometry (REMINDER, STILL COMES WITH A CASSETTE HUB THOUGH). While most cruisers have really relaxed geometry that isn’t optimal for tricks, this is a rare one that is essentially just a big BMX. What’s different about this one compared to the Radio Ceptor though is that the rear hub spacing is 110mm, which is specifically for BMX hubs. You can make this work with FGFS hubs by either stretching the frame or playing around with the spacing on the hub, but I would only use this as an option if you’re desperate. $600 price point is hard to beat for what you’re getting though!


Master Bike Co. // $359

Now unfortunately at the time of writing this, the world famous Master High Tek frames are currently sold out. They’re still one of the few companies still making parts though, so they’ll be back in stock eventually. Keep an eye on our blog for announcements.

Destroy Bikes

While Destroy is also currently out of stock on their freestyle frame options, they’re likely to restock at any given moment. Check on our blog for drop announcements. I would recommend grabbing one of these if you ever get the chance. Here’s the options they offer:

EDIT: Unicorn Killer & Unicorn Killer Comp are now restocked at the time of editing this post! Snag one in one of their sick colorways!

Unicorn Killer // $575

Unicorn Killer Compact // $575

EVO29 // $575

OMEN // $600

Unknown H31 // $141 – $288

While the language barrier may be hard to navigate, these Unknown H31 frames are in stock and have great geometry. Byclipse also seems to have these in stock too, so maybe shoot them a DM on their IG and see if they can arrange some international shipping!

Pagan Frames on Aliexpress // $350 – $450

While Aliexpress gets a bad rep, it can be your best friend for sourcing FGFS parts! Someone is selling leftover Pagan frames on there for $450. They’ve got 10 of them left at the time I’m writing this post. They’re also available in black for $100 cheaper here.

Master Courttek Frame // $399 – $499

The brand new Master Courttek 700c frames just dropped and are a fantastic frame for either Trick Track flat ground riding, or 700c FGFS riding with fat tires. Really affordable pricing too.

MASH SF Reyes Frame // $900

For your 700c / Trick Track needs, the new Mash SF Reyes frameset is in stock and ready for a beating! $900 for frameset isn’t bad for the quality you’re getting on this one.

Black Market NSF // $275

Although this frame came out a long time ago, Black Market still has these up on their site for an amzing price of $275! If you’re in the market for a 700c build, I’d highly recommend one of these. Easily one of the most underrated frames of all time.

Milwaukee Bruiser // $425

Ben’s Cycle still has legendary Milwaukee Bruiser framesets for $425. Not bad for frame + fork. MISHKA version is still in stock too here.

Pride Street Bazuka Fixed // $279 – $289

Although I haven’t seen too many of these floating around, PS Bikes makes quality products and are still offering their 700c Bazuka Fixed Gear frame for just under $300. Comes in some cool colors too!

Volume Thrasher V2 from SGV // $500

SGV has Volume Thrasher V2 frames still in stock for $500. Expensive for a frame that came out in 2012, but hey. It’s vintage.

Enforcer BD // $300 – $500

Handmade in Peru, the Enforcer BD is a tough as nails polo bike that could easily be used as an FGFS bike. Apparently they come in a 700c, 650b, AND 26″ version. Someone snag one of these and tell me how they are.


With the rise in popularity of 26″ cruiser bikes, decent forks are luckily becoming more readily available.

S&M Pitchfork // $170

I was reminded of this fork recently and I don’t know why more people don’t run it. S&M makes great stuff and their big boy 26″ fork is no different.

Cult Sect // $150 – $180

The Cult Sect fork is a great option for a little bit cheaper than the S&M fork at $150 ($180 for chrome colorway). While the S&M only comes in 26″, Cult offers the fork in both 26″ and 29er.

Pride Street Street Meat fork // $115

Pride Street has a great fork option in both 410mm and 430mm axle to crown options.

Master Chopstick 700c fork // $169

Master 700c Chopstick trick forks are currently available at the time of writing this. Great for full blown trick bikes, or upgrading your track bike for barspins.

Destroy Tarck fork // $200

Although sold out currently, the Destroy Tarck 2022 fork is one of the most beautiful options on the market. Hefty price of $200, but quality comes at a price. Check back on this blog for updates on availability.

SGV Fork Options

The SGV website has a bunch of different fork options available and ready to ship:

Volume Genesis 26″ // $129.99

Volume Crypt 26″ // $124.99

Volume Thrasher 700c // $139

Generic 700c Chromoly fork // $55.99

Identiti FFX-45 700c // $110

A solid option for some 700c Trick Track shred. Strong, light, and fits some decent sized tires for just under $110 on the Triton Cycles website. You can also find it on the Identiti website here.

Black Ops DefendR HD 29″ Fork // $135

I really don’t know much about this one, but seems like an okay fork overall.

Enforcer Polo Disc fork // $120

Enforcer back at it again with the Polo intended parts that could be dual purposed for FGFS bikes. Their 700c fork is out but they make it in a 26″ size.

Master Bike Co. Chopstick fork // $150

Currently sold out, but the Master Chopstick forks are a highly recommended option. They come in both 26″ and 700c options. Check back for availability updates.

Black Market 400oz fork // $149.99

Black Market still has these beautiful 400oz forks in stock.


Master Bike Co. 64 Hub // $149

This is pretty much the only hub you’ll ever need. The most versatile hub on the market with the ability to use it as a standard Fixed Gear 14mm driver, a 3/8th axle Fixed Gear driver, you can use bolt on track cogs on it with their ISO cog adapter, AND if you wanted to, you could change it to a cassette driver. For all these reasons, this hub can do almost anything you need it to do. Plus if you break an axle, Master has you covered with replacement axles.

Profile Track hub // $192.99

Profile is still making beautiful 3/8th, 14mm, and 14mm slotted rear fixed hubs. Great (but pricey) option if you’re looking to go with a cog and lockring. Also comes in a bunch of different colors.

Bombtrack Owl Hub // $189

Bombtrack hubs made a resurgence in the form of overstock on Aliexpress. I’ve been running this hub for the last 8 years, so I can attest to it’s quality.

Sadio Micro Cog + Lockring Hubs // $69 – $100

Aliexpress is a gold mine for historic hubs right now. You can snag these rare 14mm Sadio micro cog + lockring hubs for the low right now, both front and back. Great budget option.

Spike Vault hub // $129

Last option from Aliexpress, there’s some classic Spike hubs still in stock on here. Great hub, but good luck finding a replacement axle option if you break it.

Level Components hub // $200

This is easily one of the best non driver hubs on the market. I often have struggles with cogs and lockrings, so when I ordered one of these, it really solved a lot of problems. Highly recommend if you don’t need a 14mm axle.

Aftermarket Ebay hub // $49.99

These aftermarket 14mm slotted 32h hubs have been floating around on Ebay for a bit and seem like a great budget option if you’re building up a 32h wheel.


Fixated Tenacious rim // $74.75

Fixated’s new Tenacious rim are pretty much the best rim option on the market right now. Available in both 26″ and 29″ versions. Made in The Netherlands!

Pride Street Gaijin rim // $50 – $54

I personally don’t know anyone with these rims, but they seem like a great option. Especially for the price. Available in silver and black.

Fit Rims // $38-$40

The Fit rims are double wall, inexpensive rims that are available in both 26″ and 29″ at 36H. 29″ only comes in red though, but could be a cool look.

Stolen Rampage rim // $39.99

While these rims come in basically every size possible, the only size they have in stock right now for us FGFS heads are the black 29″ ones, which could come in handy for some of you.

Sun Ringle MTX-33 // $57.99 – $65

These have been a staple in the FGFS world for 10+ years at this point. They’re strong, light, and are readily available all over the internet. One google search for these and you’ll find a plethora of buying options in both 26″ and 29″.

H Plus Son Todestrieb // $80

The H Plus Son Todestrieb, in my opinion, is one of the best rims to come out for FGFS ever. They’re hard to find these days, but apparently this Japan website Alex’s Cycle still has them in stock.

Velocity Chukker // $116

The historic Velocity Chukker rim is still available on the Velocity website. These are an older style rim and a lot skinnier than the rest of the options on this list, so if you’re planning on riding fatty tires this will not be the best choice. Pro tip though, you can find these for a lot cheaper with a quick Ebay search.


Ruff Bike Co. GC bar // $72

The heavily sought after Ruff GC bars are some of the best bars in the business. Sold out while writing this blog, but they restock a couple times a year; so check back for stock updates!

S&M bars

S&M provides a couple different bar options that work great for FGFS:

6.5″ Bruiser Bar // $64.99

5.75″ Cruiser Slam bar // $64.95

Fairdale MX bars // $36.99 – $49.99

Fairdale makes 2-piece bars available in 4″ and 6″ rise.

Cult 5.75″ race bar // $74.99

Cult always provides quality.

Pride Street bars

Pride Street has a couple good options for bars:

Profit Bar FXD 6.5″ // $59

Profit Bar XL 4.48″ Risers // $69

Profit Bar L 4.2″ Risers // $59

Snafu Cruiser Race bars // $64.99 – $139.99

Don’t see people rocking these bars, but they seem solid. Available in 5.5″ and 6″ as well as black and oil slick color options.

Resist Congoloid 3.5″ risers // $69.99

SGV has new old stock Resist Congoloid risers in black!


I’m not really gonna go into sprockets and cranks. Just know that for riding FGFS, you need a 48 spline sprocket and 48 spline cranks. Nothing else will work as well. You can find them decently easy with some google searching, at a local BMX shop, or online BMX retailers.

Fixated Stout Sprocket // $98

With that being said, I’m gonna plug the Fixated Stout sprocket because small FGFS companies deserve our support! Plus it’s easily the best guard-compatible splined sprocket on the market. So if you’re looking to protect your chain, grab one of these.


Bigfoot Scraper straps // $69.69

Newest strap company on the market, Bigfoot Fixed has gone out of their way to recreate one of the most iconic straps in history, the MTS Mudflap. Purely rider owned, Adam Wells is a great dude to support. These are easily the biggest straps on the market plus a unique feature on these lets you add custom velcro patches to the top of your straps.

YNOT straps // $49.99 – $79.99

YNOT has been in the game for 10+ years now. You can definitely expect quality with these!

Zulu Fixed straps // $39.99

Zulu is a newer company making quality straps at an affordable price. Available in black and camo.

Hold Fast straps // $59.99 – $84

The OG foot retention company Hold Fast is still pushing strong and making every variation of strap you can imagine.

Fyxation Gates straps // $41.95

Seatbelt material on these ones so you know they’re pretty durable. Comes in a bunch of colors too.

Origin 8 straps // $34

Budget option if you’re strapped for cash.


My final piece of advice if you’re looking to buy an FGFS bike is to look for used options! People are constantly selling their parts and builds, so be sure to check Offerup, Ebay, and Facebook marketplace for deals. Also make sure to follow @FGFSSWAPMEET on IG if you want some marketplace goodness straight to your feed. We’re posting people’s parts on there weekly!

Well THERE YOU GO! With all of this newfound FGFS sourcing knowledge, you should be well on your way to building your dream bike. Let us know if this article helped you in any way, send it to your friends who are looking to build a bike, and send us your builds either on instagram @suckmycog or join our Discord and post your whip in the “Introduce Your Fixie” channel!

Cheers! – JBall

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