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Sneak Peak: Ruff CSK Guard Sprocket + Bike Check

Today we have an SMC EXCLUSIVE sneak peak look at the new Ruff CSK sprocket I’ve been riding for the last month. I’ve been enjoying the benefits of not breaking my chain on things while simultaneously loving the way this thing looks on my bike. While this is only a prototype and things are subject to change, the front of the sprocket is actually design-less and the CSK engraving sits subtly on the back of the drivechain. I dig it.

Figured I’d shoot some complete pics of my current build too while I was showing off the sprocket. You’ll notice this time around a higher seat than normal and a bunch of new scratches on my paint. Stay tuned for Ruff sprocket updates!

MUST WATCH – LOST – Matt Spencer

Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and please watch Matt’s latest edit: LOST. This is a masterpiece from front to back. Matt is a long time FGFS veteran and in the 13 years he’s been putting out videos, this one blows all of his previous parts out of the water. From the spots, to the speed, to the creativity, Matt is truly in peak form right now. Absolutely nobody is riding the way he does. I’ve already watched this a few times and you bet I’m gonna watch it 10 more times before the year ends. Bravo Matt!

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Corey San Agustin on RUFF BIKE CO

Yesterday it was announced that 29er legend and fixed gear veteran Corey San Agustin is officially riding for Ruff Bike Co! Big come up on both ends. Corey is personally one of my favorite riders these days. Always keeps things fun and interesting. Now the question is, does this mean he’ll switch to 26″ or will Ruff make him a 29er frame? Stay tuned to find out.

Also this photo by Matt is so so so sick. Stay tuned for Corey’s edit dropping hopefully soon!