Johnathan Ball | Tree Threader Bar

Here’s a shot of myself that Matt at Wolf Drawn just posted up from last year’s trip to Arizona. The second picture is me eating shit somehow missing my hand on the bar, then went back for it and nailed it. The drop was deceivingly big.




While we were out in Arizona, Penrose busted out this huge half cab second day in to the trip like it was nothing. Here’s the crispy photo Matt got of it. Check out more at Wolf Drawn and check out the clip in the Arizona Iced Out Edit.


Calvin Gunt | Rail Smith

A few days ago we all went riding in HB, and everybody was going in. It was Calvin’s first time riding in a while and first thing he says to us is “I think I can get on that rail”. We all looked at each other and weren’t really sure if he meant it or not, because what’s not apparent in the picture is the bike length gap that you have to hop in order to get on that rail. Sure enough, Calvin pulled off this smith and the crowd went wild. SO insane. Photo by Phil Arellano.

Locked Cog


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.40.11 AM

Throwback | Alec Aranowitz Dirt Jump

This has always been one of my favorite photos to come from old sMc fam Alec Aranowitz. The Bluffs dirt jumps in Costa Mesa were a regular spot on our old agenda, and was always a blast to ride. He doesn’t push fixed anymore, but we still keep in contact and he plans to ride BMX again. This photo was taken by Junho Park while filming for our old “Full Length” video.


Bombtrack Divide | Current Setup

Just a shot with my cell phone riding in the CSULB parking lot a few days ago. Really feeling my Bombtrack Divide build right now. Paired with the Altar Burial Handlebars, the combo is perfect. Royal HC straps keeping my feet tied down and all coming together thanks to The Workshop bike shop in Long Beach.