michael penrose


Corey just dropped the 3rd Blisstape after however many years. Always loved these cause they have a real Power Hour / Kvlt Klips vibe to them. This footage is old as fuck but it’s still pretty sick to see┬áthese clips, check it out!

Michael Penrose | Pole Hop

Myself and Penrose went out to film some street yesterday and we both ended up getting pretty hurt. We still managed to snag a few clips though including this rad pole jam hop from Penrose aka @therealbobbyhill . We got to this spot and we discovered that the main part of the spot is now capped. Penrose eyed up this weird bump jump over a pole jam though and sent it after a few goes. Watch out for the clip in his upcoming web edit we’re working on.

Penrose pole hop


I really dig these videos in the Cole Clips series. Our dude shot all this on his VX featuring a good variety of riders with different styles. Hector’s first rail hop looks big, Rio’s last trick was fucking awesome, Cole’s riding is always nice and techy + really smooth, and the rest of the footage is solid too. Everyone killing it in here. Don’t miss this one. Keep this series coming Cole.


We’ve been riding with Penrose for a long time and I’m proud to say he’s become one of my good friends thanks to biking, so it was only natural that this would happen. He’s now officially part of the sMc squad. Check his new team page, check out his recent edit for Altar Tribe down below, and make sure to follow him on instagram @THEREALBOBBYHILL . We’ve got lots of plans coming up with him and the rest of the team in the near future. Stoked to have him officially aboard.