Birth Of Barcelona | Photoset 2

Pedro was kind enough to shoot over the photos Duarte shot while we were out in Barcelona a couple years ago. Still waiting for that footage to drop. šŸ˜¦ Great photos by Duarte though! Makes me wanna go back.


It now been over a year since myself, Penrose, Antonyo, Jackson, Evan, Zane, Nelson, Pedro, and Duarte all met up in Barcelona for an FGFS trip last year. While we’ve still barely seen any of the footage from it, I’ve been sitting on these pictures and decided to drop them. Hopefully we can see the trip edit soon. Some of the footage appeared in Good Times, but thats about it. Click below for the full set.



Pedro Oliveira | LET ME JUST TALK

Pedro recently was in an accident and had to get surgery on his broken collarbone. Lucky for us, he decided to drop all of his footage! Pedro finesses with pegs on these amazing BCN and Portugal spots. Pedro has been making waves and really pushing himself lately and this edit really shows all his progression. Fucking fire my dude, don’t miss this one!

SMC Game Of B.I.K.E. | Group Game in BCN

In between filming clips and getting wrecked, we took some time out of our busy schedule in Barcelona to film this fun group game of B.I.K.E. featuringĀ Nelson Bell, Jackson Bradshaw, Pedro Oliveira, Michael Penrose, Evan Service, and Antonyo Wothe. We filmed two of these that day, so watch out for the rematch coming soon!


Pedro Oliveira & His 24″ Build

Pedro and Duarte from Portugal met up with us when we went to Barcelona in January earlier this year and really helped us out with finding spots and talking to locals. The dude is awesome and his passion for FGFS gets me stoked to ride. The dude is always hungry for clips, and seeing him get a custom frame from Nem Pro is well deserved. Be on the lookout for his clips when the Barcelona clips come out. But for now, I took some shots of him and his bike during the golden hour. Even though it’s a 24″, the frame geometry makes it ride like a 26″ build. It looks cool too, more photos after the jump!

pedro 7


Westfixed | Pedro Oliveira

Been watching Pedro progress the last couple years, but this is his best yet. The dude has so many different tricks on lock and flows really well, everything looking real smooth. Some bangers in here for sure. The street spots out there seriously look like skateparks. Check this one out for sure, shredding that 24″ build!