ephemeral gang

Ephemeral Tapes #3

This was so so sick. Ephemeral gang out in good ol’ Colombia killing it on tape. Some seriously good riding from everyone in this. Cool to finally see what the actual names of the dudes out there are too cause they seem to stay pretty mysterious on IG lmao. Raw vibes in this are sick, gonna rewatch it right now and so should you.

Juan Nieto | Fixed Gear Bogotá

Juan Nieto is a newer name to the FGFS scene, but don’t let experience fool you. This dude has BIKE CONTROL. I’ve been following Juan on the good ol’ Instagram for a while now, but none of the clips on there have really highlighted his skills as much as this edit has. He loves his flat ground tech lines but also loves sending burly 180s. I love it. He’s got some style points too, don’t sleep on this dude!