Max Corcoran – Need for Spin

Max out of Australia recently went on a huge Euro tour and met up with France’s own El Fakijoe. As we know, Antoine is nice with a camera so he shot this nice long piece with Max. Some killer mixed with some artsy, overall done really well. Shows some personality from Max that Instagram lacks. Important to note that Max is entirely on other people’s bikes for this video and still handles business. Beautiful shots and riding, take a look.

Ritchie van Pelt – 2022 Edit

Ritchie just did the thing that i’ve been begging riders to do: put out a web edit! Even if it’s recycled clips from IG, having a video that you can type your name in and find is such a nice thing to have. Shoutout to Ritchie for this, he’s been progressing like crazy lately and I’m really excited to see how he pushes the envelope even further in 2023. Great trick variation throughout this thing, check it out! Oh and also, support Fixated!