Icarus – Manchester Tapes Pt 1

It’s really exciting to see a crew arising from England again. Since the death of Ninja Cats, I wasn’t sure if I was ever gonna see a scene out there again. Sure enough, Icarus is holding it down. While the editing is a bit experimental and jarring at times, the shred has some raw 08 vibes that I’m digging a lot. The line at the 1:56 mark was real fresh too, I wanna see a whole edit of that guy.


HOLY. SHIT. It’s been a few years since anything from Ninjacats has surfaced. Well today is the FGFS world’s lucky day. Apparently they’ve been stacking for this long team edit over the past years and it was well worth the wait. Classic Ninjacats style with the filming and trick choices. Sol and Oscar had some seriously sick tricks in this along with the rest of the squad, there’s even some dudes I’ve never heard of before shredding in here! Watch this a few times for sure!

Sol Smith | Spoke Magazine Photos

Sol gave me the go to post these sick pictures that were featured on the cover of Spoke Magazine in Germany. Ninjacats have been active lately, working on new products and videos. Stoked to see what they come out with. Check out the height on that over-coping barspin in the bowl. So insane! Photos by Szymon Nieborak.

Click for High-Res

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