Samuel Rodriguez & His Destroy Unicorn Killer

Samuel Rodriguez went MIA for a little bit and we didn’t ride with him for a good year at least cause he was busy with other stuff. Luckily for us, he’s been back and fucking killing it under the radar. He got hold of a Destroy Unicorn Killer recently after being on an Unknown V3 for god knows how long. Here’s his new build though and it looks sick as fuck.

Also, we’ve been filming an edit for him and it’s already got some fire tricks. Look out for that in the future



Jonathan Thompson & His Concept Assassin

A few weeks ago was the first time I met LA local shredder Jonathan Thompson. Needless to say, the dude fucking kills it, and his riding never sees the light of day. We filmed a few clips that will be featured in the new Chop Em’ Down Films full length FGFS DVD coming out within the next few months. Here’s some shots of him and his Concept build. Follow him on instagram @thompson___ .

Cole Ruffing & His LDG Proto

Here’s a few shots of SMC fam Cole Ruffing‘s current LDG Proto build. Even though this frame never came in to production, it’s still a really clean build with good geo. Can never go wrong with a murdered out whip. Like his shirt? Grab it here. Like his beanie? Snag it here!



Taishi Okuma | Bike Check

Wheel Talk posted up Taishi’s bike check earlier this week with some nice studio shots of him and the bike. Here’s the rundown:

FRAME: Nemesis Project SL
HANDLEBAR: Bombtrack
FORK: Phoenix
GRIPS: United G-Salt
STEM: Cult
SEAT: Shadow Conspiracy
CRANKS: Demolition Revolt 175mm
BB: Demolition
PEDALS: Shadow Conspiracy
SPROCKETS: Shadow Conspiracy 25t
GEAR: 25 / 9
CHAIN: Shadow Half Link
FRONT TIRE: Factroy FS100 2.1
REAR TIRE: Tioga Power Block 2.1
FRONT WHEEL: Todestrieb Laced to a Rinng Hub
REAR WHEEL: Todestrieb Laced to a Rinng Hub
PEGS: Rinng
TIRE PRESSURE: 45-50 psi
BACKPACK: Chrome Industries – Barrage Cargo

TaishiOkuma_Studio_FGFSBikeCheck TaishiOkuma_Studio_WheelTalkRust TaishiOkuma_Studio_ChromeIndustries_BarrageCargoIndigo

More shots of the build here!

Matt Reyes | Bike Check

Wheel Talk just posted up a rundown and a little review about his Bombtrack 2015 Dash. See what Matt had to say and some more detailed shots here!


Bombtrack_DashComplete_MattReyesBikeCheck_HelixV2Tires_FGFS_FullRes Bombtrack_DashComplete_MattReyesBikeCheck_BombtrackFatPaddedPivotalSeat_FGFS_FullRes

FRAME: Bombtrack Dash
HANDLEBAR: Bombtrack Dash
FORK: Bombtrack Dash
GRIPS: Bombtrack
BARENDS: Bombtrack
STEM: TURF Slingshot
HEADSET: Bombtrack
SEAT: Bombtrack
CRANKS: Bombtrack Major 175mm
BB: Bombtrack
PEDALS: Shadow Metal Pedals
SPROCKETS: Spike 27t Steel Sprocket
GEAR: 27 / 9
CHAIN: Shadow Halflink
TIRES: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Helix V2″ 26″x2.2
WHEELS: Bombtrack
PEGS: TURF Nightsticks
TIRE PRESSURE: 50-60 psi