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New Bike Day | LDG MK3 Pursuit

The guys over at LDG were kind enough to set me up real nice with a new MK3 Pursuit track bike with essentially all brand new parts besides the Aerojoke. Hyped on the way this thing feels, it’s been about 7 years since I’ve gotten a new track bike so it’s definitely a nice change of pace. More photos after the jump, you can snag this bike online here if you’re interested in it!




WHATS UP FGFS WORLD we got a big announcement today that we’re now distributing LDG FGFS products not previously available to the public! While the 700c Hammer has been available for a while now, what most people aren’t aware of is that they made new forks, bars, and sprockets that they never announced or put on their website, so now we’re making that available to you guys! I’m currently running the Hammer frame and fork and I can genuinely say I’ve been really dialed on my bike lately cause of it (bike check coming soon). Frames come in black and army green while the rest of the products come in black. Only distributing in the US (besides sprockets). HIT THAT WEBSTORE TO COP


HAMMER FRAME (Headset Included)





LDG 19MM SPLINED SPROCKET (25t, 27t, 30t)


Cole Ruffing & His LDG Proto

Here’s a few shots of SMC fam Cole Ruffing‘s current LDG Proto build. Even though this frame never came in to production, it’s still a really clean build with good geo. Can never go wrong with a murdered out whip. Like his shirt? Grab it here. Like his beanie? Snag it here!



Robert Rice Leftovers

Happy Halloween everybody. As a treat, I just released Robert’s edit that was supposed to be his welcome to LDG footage, but he ended up getting a new frame so we have to re film with it. So these are “leftovers”, but the riding is still proper. Robert has such a unique style and I’m proud to have him as sMc fam. Enjoy.

LDG 2015 Freestyle Frame | Sneak Peak

Caught some pictures of the new 2015 LDG Johnny Coward signature freestyle frame up on the Livery instagram. No details on the frames yet except that they’re 100% designed by Johnny, which means they’ll be awesome, and they’ll possibly be the lightest frame on the market. Judging by the way they look, they’ll be awesome. Check back here for more info on these bad boys in the near future or follow LDG on insta @livery_design_gruppe .

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