Rare Track Bike Post: LD LABS TRACK BUILD

It’s been a while since I’ve had a track bike that I was stoked on. I’ve had this LD Labs frame built up for a while, but I wasn’t too hyped on the way it was set up and didn’t enjoy the way it felt. Finally though, I decided to put some time and $$$ into it to finally get it the way I envisioned. Also waiting 6 months for some Omniums on Ebay cause the fucker wouldn’t send the cranks didn’t help with getting this project finished, but alas! I present to you: my LD Labs dream build. (More photos + specs after the jump)


  • LDG LD Labs Aluminum frame 56cm
  • Easton Carbon Fork
  • LDG Wide Riser Bars
  • S&M Hoder grips
  • Easton Stem
  • Spinergy Rev-X front wheel
  • Mavic Ellipse rear wheel
  • Sram Omnium crankset 48t
  • YNOT straps
  • Crew carbon seatpost
  • Crew saddle

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