jonathan thompson

Jonathan Thompson – Can’t Juul Extras

Today I present you the extras to Thompson’s CJTY section. Now we didn’t get to film with Jonathan as much as we wanted to, but nonetheless he still put in some work while filming and took some good slams in the process. Rewatch his full section here!


6+ SECTIONS. 40+ MINUTES. 3+ YEARS OF FILMING. Our full length video “CJTY” is finally at a close. The end is near. We are premiering our video on our Youtube Channel on Halloween, 10/31/20 at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. BE THERE.

Session w/ Jonathan Thompson

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the low key style god Jonathan Thompson for life reasons + this whole Covid deal, but yesterday we said fuck it and and got out to ride and film anyways. We’re coming around the bend on filming for a super secret video project and we only need more footage from a few key players to be done, Jonathan being one of them. It was great to have some biker to biker contact and I’m excited to break the rules of social distancing more in the coming months to get out and film. Also Jonathan’s rider page is finally up, peep it here!

Photos by Suzie Meyer


WE SQUADDED THE FUCK UP last Sunday and got together for a super fun day edit at one of the most amazing skateparks around, Stanton. There’s honestly nothing better than getting together with your friends and pushing each other to do tricks. Check it out. A Turf x Suckmycog production.

Jonathan Thompson & His Concept Assassin

A few weeks ago was the first time I met LA local shredder Jonathan Thompson. Needless to say, the dude fucking kills it, and his riding never sees the light of day. We filmed a few clips that will be featured in the new Chop Em’ Down Films full length FGFS DVD coming out within the next few months. Here’s some shots of him and his Concept build. Follow him on instagram @thompson___ .