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Why I Ride | Zach Babinski

Zach has been killing under the radar in the FGFS scene for quite some time now, so I caught up with him to get a little insight into his life and why he’s stuck with FGFS all these years. Check it out.



The squad consisting of Zach Babinski, Michael Penrose, Miguel Zendejas, and myself set out last Wednesday to hit up the new Stanton Skatepark! Even though we had to hop a fence (cause the park didn’t open til 2pm) and we ended up getting kicked out, we still managed to snag enough clips to make a little edit. Enjoy!

sMc Presents | YOUNG GUNS

Here it is everybody. A ton of work went in to this video and we are very excited on how it turned out. These dudes worked their asses off to get their parts exactly how they wanted, over a year of filming, for almost nothing in return. We did this because we love this sport, so give these guys some kudos for this. So here it is, suck our cogs, YOUNG GUNS.


That’s right, the long anticipated full length team video, Young Guns, is finally finished. The video will be released online and possibly a limited run of DVD’s for those that are in to tangible copies of videos. With 9 sections and over a 40 minute run time, we are very proud of the finished product. Release date to be determined, but will be very soon. Maybe sooner than you think. Stay tuned.

Big thanks to Gus for the logo.

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New Family Member | Zach Babinski

The second addition to the team is local HB shredder, Zach Babinski! Zach has a very positive and layed back outlook on riding and life always making for a good time. Zach is a rider who never puts himself in the limelight, he does it because he purely loves to ride. Zach’s part for Young Guns is coming along nicely, check out his bio on the Family page!

zach 14 stair pic