FLYOUT – w/ Elliott Milner & Matt Spencer

Elliott and Matt take on a skatepark flyout and some. Flyouts are always great for some fun and learning new stuff, so as expected there’s some some stuff I’ve never seen them do before in here, killing it. 360 table by Matt was sick and Elliott’s nollie bar was buttery. 60FPS always making stuff look good too.

Sesh Tape Vol 9

A sesh tape hasn’t been dropped in a while so I was pretty stoekd when I saw a new one dropped, as you should be too. Mostly the Ruff killers featured in this one with some behind the scenes from the GC mixtape along with a lot of fresh footy. These things are always killer and the editing is always on point. Give this a watch.


Joe Mckeag’s Stay Strapped section is one of my favorites. Joe is a pegless machine and hammers out countless innovative pegless maneuvers both ways along with the snappy technical Joe Mckeag style we’re all very acquainted with. Give this like 10 plays if you haven’t seen it yet for sure. This part is a masterpiece. Buy Stay Strapped for $5 HERE.