tadashi nakamura

Wheel Talk | Jaoa Danaikrit’s Birthday in Portland 2018

The Wheel Talk crew squadded up in Portland to celebrate Jaoa’s birthday the right way. When I say Wheel Talk crew, yes I mean THE Wheel Talk crew! Anthony and Devon even joined the fun and made the trip to hang out like old times. This video warmed my heart :’), so good to see these dudes together again. Oh and theres also some shredding going down in here. Sorry, got caught up in nostalgia. Check it out!


The first real edit of 2018 is out and it’s Japanese shredder Tadashi Nakamura. This was so refreshing and such a treat for a Monday morning. Tadashi is a master of all crafts. Technical jibs, sending it for bangers, he’s got it all. He does it all clean too. You won’t see a single correction hop outta this guy. Song choice is easy on the ears, filming is solid. Overall, amazing video. Watch this one a few times for sure!

Tadashi Nakamura | SF 2015

Been stoked on all the videos coming from Wheel Talk and Turf lately. Matt’s been a machine of constant content. Tadashi had the pleasure of coming all the way over from Japan and staying with Matt for a few weeks. They managed to bust out this fun little edit in a couple days. Real clean style, real good tricks, keeping it fun. Quality edit all around. Check this one out.