Bombtrack Bicycle Co | Global Moshpit Vol. 1

The long awaited Global Moshpit is finally out and featuring a whole grip of riders from around the world on their Bombtrack Fixed Gear Freestyle frames including the Dash and Divide. A ton of good riding in here and definitely worth a look or two!

Bombtrack Dash Complete | On Sale

The complete Bombtrack Dash builds are on sale through Royal HC for only $699! Here’s what he had to say:

“FGFS is Dead…

Dead tired of hearing you say you want to get into FGFS. Well here is your chance!

Special order your 2013 Bombtrack Bicycle Co. Purple Dash COMPLETE today for $699.95! Free to pick up at royal HC or have it delivered to your door for a little extra cash.

A super solid complete with a heat treated driver hub. Get yours today. Only a few left!”

Check it out HERE!


Bombtrack Divide | Current Setup

Just a shot with my cell phone riding in the CSULB parking lot a few days ago. Really feeling my Bombtrack Divide build right now. Paired with the Altar Burial Handlebars, the combo is perfect. Royal HC straps keeping my feet tied down and all coming together thanks to The Workshop bike shop in Long Beach.


Bombtrack Global Mosh Pit + Rider Edits.

Bombtrack is doing a global video. The idea is that everybody with a Bombtrack bike out there is to get out, film whatever you got, submit it (To, and be in a big edit. What’s not to love! Get after it! I think it’s a sick idea to get people stoked to ride.

On a side note, Royal HC just upped two videos involving Bombtrack riders. The first one is a remix of Joe’s famous Welcome edit to Bombtrack, mixed up with a different song, some different editing, and a few new clips. I personally like it better, flows real well.

The second is some leftovers from Gabe Garcia’s edit he never got to finish due to him quitting FGFS. 😦


This is the most incredible edit ever. Pushing the limits of a fixed gear to the fullest, straight insanity. Half these tricks you’re gonna pause and say to yourself, “What just happened?” Filmed by me and Royal Hc and edited by Royal. I love you so much Joe! Killed it for Bombtrack! (High quality parts, go buy some at your local dealer)