Bicycles Vol. 2

In this video is about 6 minutes of raw shredding captured by Adam Wells and others. A bunch of the East Bay / SF cats kill the streets in this one and look like they have a damn good time riding with each other doing it. Loving all the different styles everybody brings to the table. I wanna sesh with these boys so bad!

Blogging Miles | Kareem Shehab Bike Check

If you haven’t seen it yet, Tyler with Blogging Miles just posted this bike check of Kareem Shehab’s sweet new Destroy Zerosen with some oil slick parts to compliment the black real well. Really digging the location for the photos in this. Check out the rundown and more photos here!

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The Red Bull edit you’ve all been waiting for! The official Wheel Talk coverage of 2014 Ride + Style is out, and it covers pretty much the whole event. Real sick. sMc fam including myself and Robert Rice in here too. Stoked Robert came out and killed it! Hell, everybody had so many good tricks. Check it out.

Ricardo Lino | Destroy Bikes Presents THE BRAINIAC

Ricardo Lino went so hard to promote his new Destroy Bikes‘ signature frame, The Brainiac. He killed the peg game coming in with HUGE hubbas and rails. Switch double pegs like it’s nobody’s business and the x-up double at the end was huge. Such huge stuff going on here, definitely worth a few watches. Frame looking good too!


Afternoon Sesh With Joe Mckeag, Corey San Agustin, and Michael Penrose

Last week Joe Mckeag, Michael Penrose, Corey San Agustin, and Myself went cruising around Long Beach looking for something to hit. We settled at Long Beach City College, providing some ledges and things to practice hopping over, so I decided to take out my camera and shoot some flicks. The first one of Joe is my favorite, check out that top tube right underneath his knee cap. The hop was nothing short of huge. Corey also got some rail hop practice in, stepping out of his comfort zone and hopping some decent sized rails and caution tape. Penrose has also been killing it lately, progressing so much in the past few months and manning up to hit a rail.

I’d also like to take this post to announce that Joe Mckeag is now officially back on LDG, and they have plenty of new legit things in the works.






The second set of photos from the UVT x Can’t Fool The Youth Thailand trip.