Michael Chacon | Vans x Leader Commercial

Mike Chacon has been shooting for a Vans x Leader collabo frame commercial recently and the finished product is done. Cheesy little story line with some cool shots and a good looking girl. Click here for more details on the frame.


The Red Bull edit you’ve all been waiting for! The official Wheel Talk coverage of 2014 Ride + Style is out, and it covers pretty much the whole event. Real sick. sMc fam including myself and Robert Rice in here too. Stoked Robert came out and killed it! Hell, everybody had so many good tricks. Check it out.

FGFS Porn | Iconic & Awesome Builds Throughout the Years.

Well 2013 is almost over, and I’ve been doing some digging through old and new pictures, and came up with a solid list (In my opinion) of really beautiful Fixed Gear Freestyle builds from the past to now, in no particular order whatsoever. Let us know which builds were left out and what you think should be on here!

Lets start with Tyler Johnson’s builds.

The Leader Shadow was one of the sickest and priciest builds in 2010-11. Tyler’s specifically was real sick with the white paint drip on the seat tube. Eero’s always looked wild with fat tires too.


His first SKYLMT SL-1 with the first run of the SKYLMT bars was also a super clean build. His first 26′ build, and his legendary Skylmt Welcome part was filmed on it.


His other build was also gorgeous.


The almost murdered out Hold Fast build was also super sick.

tjbikecheck IMG_3823

The Gorilla Kilroy is one that needs to be featured in here for obvious reasons. One of the first true FGFS bikes, and it looked rad.


An appropriate follow-up would be the Grime Yo-Mang, the first 26′ specific FGFS frame. RIP Grime.


Gus’ Skylmt is also a sick build with Red + Chrome featuring the prototype ALTAR Burial Bars, coming soon.



Oscar’s 14 Bike Co proto 29er was no joke, and looked like it could handle anything. Too bad that one never came out.

oscarrrLA-640x480 picture-117

His BB17 Serpent was a game changer also, with it’s holographic print on the frame, fork, and bars. Unfortunately there weren’t any real good pictures of just the bike, but it just had to be on here. Here’s the bike check with it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.33.35 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 5.32.46 PM 424897_2595764089463_935569440_n

While were on the topic of Serpents, Funny’s build is one of my favorite builds I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Kareem’s Signature Leader Pharaoh was an iconic build for sure. Cheetah print errthang.


Speaking of Seattle residents, Jacob Ruff’s old BB17 was a looker also.


Anyone notice that almost every Destroy Bike that gets built looks amazing? (Pictured: Joshua Nieves, Devin Tolman, and Nelson Bell’s)

1459151_564672993608428_1677663979_n devion-tolmans-destroy

The 29er is no exception.


Slum’s old thrashed P-Fix was a fan favorite.


Tom Lamarche’s Charge Scissor V2 looked burly as hell. There weren’t really any pictures of it that I could find.


His USA Color Scheme P-Fix was a historical build. It was his debut on 26’s and damn did it look good


Phil’s Charmer V2 builds constantly changed colors and he always managed to make them look sweet.

529140_436886839728698_1151597830_n 554909_441505959266786_1652223216_n 543467_10151256654280658_1445995191_n

Here’s a random one I found on the FGFS Forum. No clue what it is but it looked pretty sick.


Antonyo’s builds were always some of my favorite.

His Proto Milwaukee always looked so sick in my opinion.


His gold Unknown build was also baller as fuck. Haha.


His current Unknown proto is also very sick as well.


Packy’s All-City Airwolf is too clean.

7942005108_8ef558b1c4_b 7941998240_db449cbbf1_b

Mike Schmitt’s old Ghost was a sick one too.


Matt Spencer‘s builds have always been my favorite for sure. He always knows how to make em’ look good.

He was the first to run hefty 29er tires on his first Mordecai back in 2010, and it looked sick as fuck.


Then for MWM2, he decided to do a blood red color scheme, which is still one of the most unique builds to date.


He later got on Volume, and built up the sickest thrasher. Chrome and tan wall tires look very clean in my opinion.


The slime green Thrasher build was another unique one. No real pictures of that one that I could find though.

580968_10150693382523051_969692648_n 551362_10150667729678051_603402513_n

When Mr. 700c switch to 26, he built up such a clean SKYLMT.

7427523618_8acdf8142f_h 7427510836_c5b8c7ed8d_h

Don Dela Cruz’s Unknown 24/7 was definitely a clean 29er build.


Sam Hanson’s old Hold Fast 29er was also very sick.


Christian Ustarroz had a custom frame built up by Nem Pro and it looked very good. The raw Grime Medicine Man bars complimented the frame very well.

christian_skylmt-17-970x646 christian_skylmt-5-970x646

Congo originally built up his old LDG Hammer with the white/blue color way. There weren’t any pictures of it, but he put a throwback paint job on his new Unknown prototype. With the USA Destroy bars, it looked even sicker.

Congo-Unknown-bike-749x486 Congo-Unknown-bars

When Corey switched to 26′ for almost literally a minute, his All-City Airwolf was a real sick build.


To round it off, Joe Mckeag’s Unknown 24/7 Prototype is my favorite build of all time. purple, tanwall tires, and chrome parts is toooooooooo clean!

IMG_5750 JOe 24:7 bike copy

Well that, in my opinion, were some of my favorite builds (That I could find online at least) throughout mostly recent years. Maybe this provoked some future build ideas for some people, Christmas is coming up so why not help support FGFS companies right?! Hope you guys enjoyed the read, and please excuse me for the lack of photo credits for every picture, hope you guys don’t mind too much.

Michael Chacon | December 2013

Always get stoked to see Chacon stuff. Nice mix of FGFS and track riding. I dig Mike’s signature head bob at 1:04, even on his track riding haha. Barspin off the roof was sketchy, peep that ground! Always dig Chacon’s signature style too. Buttery as always.

Michael Chacon: Mikeonabike.

Mike just upped this one promoting his website, Mikeonabike. Been a while since anything has dropped and everybody was wondering: has Mike Chacon quit? Sure enough he’s been keepin’ at it! But just cause he didn’t put anything out for a while doesn’t mean somebody quit. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from filming. But still, I always love me some steezy Chacon riding.