The CSK man himself, Jacob Ruff, has something big in the works. An upcoming hard goods company called Ruff Bike Co. The website is already up with the new “GC” 4 Piece Bars sitting in the store awaiting their launch. These bars are looking too legit. Stoked to see this company rise from the ashes. Here’s a shot of the bars, coming soon.


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.00.07 AM

∆nthem Bike Co. | Sneak Peak

A sneak peak at what the new U.S. made frame + parts company, ∆nthem, has up their sleeve. Stoked to see the finished products.

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10271610_650212778406023_958311259780518086_n∆nthem Prototype frame in progress


“Antler” Bars. 5.3″ & 5.74″ rise


“Ritual” fork, 408 a2c

State Bicycle Co. | Shockwave FGFS Complete ft. Steven Jensen

State Bicycle Co. just unveiled their new 2014 Shockwave complete FGFS bike. The bike comes with Animal BMX parts, Hold Fast Straps, a rad paint job, good barspin clearance for 700’s, and a very affordable price of $579. Perfect for anybody looking to start riding Fixed Gear Freestyle or a commuter to thrash. Also, you get to see Steven shredding in this video. Now before you go thinking that he left SKYLMT, I assure you, he hasn’t. These are his good friends and employers, and he helped them out by riding the bike for this video.