Bicycles Vol. 2

In this video is about 6 minutes of raw shredding captured by Adam Wells and others. A bunch of the East Bay / SF cats kill the streets in this one and look like they have a damn good time riding with each other doing it. Loving all the different styles everybody brings to the table. I wanna sesh with these boys so bad!

Superbowl Splash 2016

Here’s a nice video Adam Wells put together of the ender to the Wheel Talk Superbowl Sunday video of Josh Silva’s backflip off the dock. This video shows the process leading up to it and how they got him out of the water. Ballsy as fuck. That water had to be absolutely freezing, you’re a mad man Josh!


Shane Hunt | Bikes, Bluegrass, and B-Roll

Here’s a lot of different footage of Shane Hunt and some band spliced together by Adam Wells with Bigfoot fixed. Nothing too serious in this one as said in the description, but I beg to differ. Shane kills it in this and it’s probably the most footage of him thats ever been in one edit since he’s never put out his own solo bit. He’s really dialing in his style now and stomps everything out real clean in here. Definitely worth a look.