We’ve been riding with Penrose for a long time and I’m proud to say he’s become one of my good friends thanks to biking, so it was only natural that this would happen. He’s now officially part of the sMc squad. Check his new team page, check out his recent edit for Altar Tribe down below, and make sure to follow him on instagram @THEREALBOBBYHILL . We’ve got lots of plans coming up with him and the rest of the team in the near future. Stoked to have him officially aboard.


Michael Penrose | Welcome To Altar

Penrose has been putting in some serious work on his bike lately. Within the last year he’s rapidly progressed and now has his first sponsor, Altar Tribe. Penrose has a real flowy style and makes just about everything he does look like butter. He put in a good amount of time filming for this edit and we’re both stoked on how it turned out. We filmed this over the last few months and planned on getting more, but was cut short due to filmer injuries. We still got enough footage to put an edit out though with the help of Matt, Elliott, and Corey filming some additional clips. So here’s Penrose’s Welcome To Altar edit, enjoy. Shout out to slum for showing me the song.

Welcome To Bombtrack | Matt Reyes

It’s official, Bombtrack just dropped my good friend and now team mate, Matt Reyes‘ welcome edit. Matt stepped it up in this one and went out of his comfort zone for a couple tricks like the double peg hopover and the ender. Style for days as expected from Slum and put together beautifully as also expected. Super hyped on this edit and hyped that Matt found a new home with Bombtrack. Our team is stacked now. CHECK IT.

Chase Davis For Velo City Bags

FOAD member Chase Davis just dropped a new part for Velo City Bags. Tons of good shit in here. Chase man handles the shit out of his bike and it seems that he has complete control all the time. Those switch foot half cab bars are insanely poppy. The dude just has some serious lift whenever his bike leaves the ground. Bangers throughout, this one is definitely worth a couple looks. Filmed and put together nicely by Evan & Jackson as well.


Matt has been putting in some serious work on the Hold Fast frame he’s been riding for a bit now. His creative use of spots is now further widened with his recent addition of pegs and a brake making for some really fucking sick riding. So much stuff to call out in here like the 1:33, 1:41, 2:31, and so much more. He even brought back some classic Matt Spencer steez in the intro. Really hyped on that. So much style. Watch this right now. Maybe a couple times to catch some things you didn’t notice the first time too.

Bombtrack | Elliott Milner

Well holy shit. I knew Elliott’s edit was supposed to come out today, but I didn’t expect a whole five minute part consisting of completely fire lines and tricks! Especially after filming an EIGHT minute video part for Stay Strapped, he can still bang out a whole nother video part?? How does Elliott keep coming up with new stuff to do? This is some seriously technical riding that you need to watch five or six times to fully grasp all the stuff he did in this. Proud to have you as a team member my dude,always producing jaw dropping stuff. Put together real well by Matt with Wolf Drawn too.


Also, Elliott is riding the 2015 Dash that will be coming out later this year. The bike will be the epitome of fixed gear freestyle and will basically be the best feeling bike on the market. Get stoked.