Chillin With Gus 2.0

Really feeling this split edit between Shane Hunt and Gus Molina. These two have been jibbing hard as fuck lately. Super technical maneuvers throughout this one. Their riding really compliments each other and their styles are nice to watch as well. Shane’s wallie tic tac 180 at 0:34 was executed perfectly. Don’t skip this one!

Gus Molina + Shane Hunt Chill Clips

Shane is has been consistent keeping his insta (@shmob_shane) filled with FGFS content. Here’s a bunch of clips himself and Gus Molina have been stacking up during chill sessions. Gus is insanely dialed these days and Shane has been progressing a lot too, jib mastery the whole way through. Worth a few looks and some double takes for sure. #SHMOB2015