The squad consisting of Zach Babinski, Michael Penrose, Miguel Zendejas, and myself set out last Wednesday to hit up the new Stanton Skatepark! Even though we had to hop a fence (cause the park didn’t open til 2pm) and we ended up getting kicked out, we still managed to snag enough clips to make a little edit. Enjoy!

Charlie Suave Taz 2016

Montreal killer Charlie Suave just dropped this killer TAZ 2016 edit. He links lines beautifully and I can tell has been learning some new shit (mostly his switch stuff which I haven’t seen him do too much of in the past). Charlie stomps his tricks out with authority but manages to make it look effortless simultaneously. Big ups on Charlie for this edit, don’t miss this one.

Christian Alivera 2016 7 Hunna Edit

Our friend and 700c shredder Christian Alivera just dropped this awesome new edit all filmed on iPhone of him shredding different parks and street spots. He’s looking dialed as fuck with basically everything from spin tricks to barspins to big handrails. 700c as well, always props for that. Ender was fucking banger. Killing it my dude, thanks for throwing that SMC logo in there!

FGFS Thailand | At Thammasat Skatepark

FGFS Thailand just dropped this amazing edit featuring Thai killers Ky Issawat, Bombay Chakrist, and Meeniiz Grip. I knew this one was gonna be good from the get go, but I was seriously impressed by so much of the riding in this one. All styles on point and difficult tricks being done with ease. Definitely looks like a fun skatepark to shred. Personal favorite was Ky’s nose 180 up the ledge. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

Swagport Skatepark 1 Day Edit

Fucking killer edit out of Japan featuring RSK and Takashi killing it on the FGFS bikes and some other dudes killing it on the skateboards. They lay down some heavy lines on these small ramps and definitely make the most of them. I was really impressed with Takashi’s riding, dude has progressed an insane amount lately. RSK kills it per usual. Don’t miss this one!

TURF | Sedona Pit Stop

Turf CEO Mike Schmitt and affiliate Ian Walker made their way out to the grand canyon to do some exploring and along their journey stopped at Sedona Skatepark to get a shred sesh in and film. Ian does some pegless work on everything in the park and Mike did the same with pegs. Love watching both these dudes ride. Mike always thinks of the coolest stuff to do and Ian always keeps it crispy clean. Check it out.