parker thompson

FOAD History | #YOLOSWAG420

A classic from FOAD re-uploaded onto their Youtube channel.



Full length feature from 3B’s featuring track riding and FGFS shred out in Salt Lake City. FGFS stuff starts around 4:50 and ends around 10:30 featuring Izik Service, Parker Thompson, Chase Davis, and Ian Walker. With these dudes riding you know it’s gonna be killer. Really digging all the slow mo in Izik’s section, super clean. If you’re in to track riding too, you’re gonna dig the whole thing. Check this out!

Parker Thompson | Gang Signs Extras

If there’s one crew who knows how to have fun, it’s the FOAD guys. Out of the dudes in that crew who know how to have fun, Parker Thompson (AKA Jurassic Parker) is definitely at the top of that list. Parker charges full speed and commits to everything he does. Check out his extras from FOAD’s full length video, “Gang Signs“. Always a fun watch. Parker was recently in a life threatening car crash. He’s stable now and walking around and is in much better condition and doing well. Send the homie some love, watch this video, and rewatch GANG SIGNS.


This is hands down one of the best fixed gear freestyle videos to date. The whole FOAD crew went so hard for this and it shows. Music choices, filming, editing, riding, spots, this video has it all. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Watch this right now. In the words of a wise man, FUCKING KILLING IT.


FOAD | Gang Signs Full Length Teaser

The FOAD crew has a Full Length video in the works that’s planning to be premiered June 13, 2014 at Velo Weekend in Salt Lake City. Along with the premiere will be an FGFS trick comp! This teaser got me so hyped for the video and can’t wait to head out that direction to see the premiere. Knowing how quality the FOAD videos usually are, this video should be so killer.