Charlie Suave 2015 Extras

Really entertaining extras in here from Charlie Suave’s 2015 edit that dropped not too long ago. Perfect to sit down and eat some food to. It’s always rad to see a little past the perfect edits and check out the process of landing tricks, a little personality behind the rider, and which tricks didn’t make the cut. Great watch, check it out. Also featuring Randy Rush, Two Strap, Matt Reyes, Mike Schmitt, and Dominic Paquet.

Matt Spencer | Extras

Some extras coming from Matt from the last year or so. Creative use of spots is always a thing Matt does well and even his extras are more creative than most people ever touch in their regular edits. In his post he also announced the release of a new RUFF edit along with the dropping of a new product with it, so definitely looking forward to that. In the meantime, give this a watch.

Parker Thompson | Gang Signs Extras

If there’s one crew who knows how to have fun, it’s the FOAD guys. Out of the dudes in that crew who know how to have fun, Parker Thompson (AKA Jurassic Parker) is definitely at the top of that list. Parker charges full speed and commits to everything he does. Check out his extras from FOAD’s full length video, “Gang Signs“. Always a fun watch. Parker was recently in a life threatening car crash. He’s stable now and walking around and is in much better condition and doing well. Send the homie some love, watch this video, and rewatch GANG SIGNS.

Izik Service | Gang Signs Extras

Seeing footage from Izik always gets me stoked. The dude has such a fast pace energetic style that really doesn’t compare to anybody else’s riding. He 180’s anything with any pedal setting which is fucking sick. For being extras, they’re pretty killer. If you haven’t seen his full part in FOAD Gang signs yet, watch it free here or pick up a DVD!