FGFS Documentary Ft. WheelTalk & Turf Mob

Not so much an FGFS documentary, but more of a little insight into the San Francisco biking lifestyle with some background coming in from the Turf Mob and Wheel Talk crew. Some good tricks going on in the cut scenes too. Dig this one. Made by Bryan Dempler.


One of the sickest things to date in FGFS. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it, this is Turf’s video that has been in the works for quite a while, and a way to introduce their new line of products. Their shop is now open including the Sling Shot Stem, and Bar Ends. Check em out and watch this video a few times. Schmitt’s part was my personal favorite and everybody else had some really amazing stuff as well. This was worth the wait. You can always expect quality production coming from Wheel Talk. SO sick. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, cause there are about a thousand more things I can point out that are sick.


Devon Lawson In Thailand

After not seeing the dude for about a year it was good to see Devon and catch up. One of the sharpest dudes on and off a bike. Here’s some portrait photos I shot while we were out riding street plus a suicide no-hander that Sellers took. Oh, and scope the sMc sticker on his down tube. Stoked on that. More photos after the jump.




One hell of a game changer to finish off the 2013 year. Almost every clip is banger material. I kept expecting the video to end after every trick cause I thought it was the ender. Jaoa doesn’t take shortcuts with his riding and does everything as proper as possible. So stoked on this one. Edited by the one and only, Matt Reyes.


Jeff Dempler | 2013

Finals are finally wrapped up and stress is off my shoulders, so this was very nice to come home to. I always get stoked on JeffyD’s riding. Smooth and stylish, wheelie 180 game on lock, and ender was really sick. Destroy frame looking sleek, but as I’ve said before, WHERE IS THE DIRT RIDING?!?

Spotted via Locked Cog

Wheel Talk


As soon as I saw Matt had a new edit out I got excited. There is a ridiculous amount of mind-numbing combos in here that I’m gonna watch it 20 more times after I write this to comprehend everything I just watched. Matt is a world class rider and film maker. This dude can do anything, whether it’s on a bike, behind the lens, or behind the computer, and probably much more! Stoked to call this dude my homie, cheers Matt, you’re the man!


Omar Sebai: Wheeltalk Screenshots.

Omar is now part of the Wheeltalk Youngbloods crew and an edit came out a couple weeks ago and it was fire. Here are some sweet screengrabs that Matt put out along with the edit again. I’ve watched it so many times, and its good. Every time.

OmarSebai_SF_Barspin_WheelTalk OmarSebai_SF_StanyanLedges OmarSebai_SJSU_Barspin

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/67760871″>OMAR SEBAI | WHEEL TALK YOUNGBLOODS</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/slumworm”>Matt Reyes</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>