Devon Lawson – Word Is Bond

Turf has been uploading the individual sections from Word Is Bond. Devon’s is short, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with some fire. Devon’s style is one of a kind and is real easy on the eyes. Check this out and watch Word Is Bond if you haven’t yet.


3rd episode of the Turf Tuesday series is the best one thus far. Tons of great clips from the squad in this one including Matt Reyes, Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, and Shane Hunt. Along with some great riding, these dudes are real entertaining off the bike as well, that ender was gold. Slum’s riding has been getting cleaner and cleaner with every video I’ve seen of him lately, which didn’t seem like something that was possible, but sure enough it is. Mike’s riding is always one of my favorites to watch too. The double to bar at 2:00 was super clean, especially for someone who doesn’t throw bars that often. Stoked to see riding from Ian and Shane, dudes stay under the radar for the most part so it’s cool seeing them get some coverage. This edit rules and I’m excited to see more upcoming episodes of this series. Check this out for sure.

Turf | Who Is Mike Schmitt

Holy shit was this a nice surprise to see yesterday. Mike Schmitt is one of my favorite dudes to watch. He can be rolling up to a ledge and you can have zero clue what he’s about to do on it. He takes full advantage of being shit footed on grinds and makes up stuff that I can’t even comprehend sometimes. This new part blows all his previous edits out of the water. So much insane stuff going on that took me off guard for the most part. I had to watch it five times to actually grasp what I was watching, and I’m guessing you’ll have to do the same. Who is Mike Schmitt you ask? Mike Schmitt is the most original rider in FGFS, thats who he is. Cut together nicely by slum, as always.


Fast Fifteen | Anthony Combs

Been a while since we’ve seen some footage of Anthony. Turf just started another series called “Fast Fifteen” featuring 15 seconds of straight fire. Combs’ style is one of a kind, throwing down some rad maneuvers at a single spot. Love watching Combs ride. Stoked to see more of this series.


Happy holidays to us from Wheel Talk. Slum & Devon dropped us an early Christmas present by upping this firey split section for their sponsor Premier Fits. Fast paced, tons of action, and tons of tough tricks with great style, as expected from these two. Matt got those feeble 3’s dialed and Devon has those feeble hard’s way too solid. Ender was the cleanest t-bog bar I’ve seen done on fixed. Give this one a few looks.

Dave Beard | Slackin’ V8 + Vallejo Turf

Dave Beard has been consistently releasing his photos the past few weeks through his new series, “Slackin“. So many gems and so many rad shots throughout all the posts. Check em’ all out here!

All photos by Dave Beard

Dave Beard | Slackin’ V1

Here’s a sick new photo series coming from Dave Beard featuring a combination of lifestyle and action shots with the Turf Mob and friends. Ever since he made the move up North he’s produced some really nice shots of all the dudes up there. Click here for the full set!


Devon & Mike