TURF | Sedona Pit Stop

Turf CEO Mike Schmitt and affiliate Ian Walker made their way out to the grand canyon to do some exploring and along their journey stopped at Sedona Skatepark to get a shred sesh in and film. Ian does some pegless work on everything in the park and Mike did the same with pegs. Love watching both these dudes ride. Mike always thinks of the coolest stuff to do and Ian always keeps it crispy clean. Check it out.

WOLF DRAWN | Park Rat Vol 1

Sick little iPhone joint from Matt & Congo hitting a few parks around AZ. Some really steezy riding from both of them. Matt’s T-Bogs are more clicked than ever. Ending air was huge. Seeing some of these parks in person makes some of these clips so much more insane. Peep this one fosho.


Chop Em Down | Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Trailer

The Can’t Fool The Youth series is back for a third DVD featuring your favorite riders from all over the globe. The first premiere is in San Francisco at Panhandle Park this Friday and you don’t wanna miss it. It’s going to be a trick jam/premiere. More details coming later this week! Filmed and Edited by Zane Meyer.

Johnathan Ball | Quick Park Edit

As I addressed in the previous post, we went to a skatepark with Royal HC yesterday and snagged some clips. Keep in mind, I’ve never been too park-savvy. So I felt pretty accomplished with a few of these clips.


The Road Kill crew is back again including our sMc family member Robert Rice. These two rip this park along with everything else they ride. Robert is getting so dialed and Miguel has improved so much lately. Robert’s lines are buttery and Miguel’s feeble hard was real smooth. Definitely check this one out. Short, sweet, and to the point.