TURF | Sedona Pit Stop

Turf CEO Mike Schmitt and affiliate Ian Walker made their way out to the grand canyon to do some exploring and along their journey stopped at Sedona Skatepark to get a shred sesh in and film. Ian does some pegless work on everything in the park and Mike did the same with pegs. Love watching both these dudes ride. Mike always thinks of the coolest stuff to do and Ian always keeps it crispy clean. Check it out.

Pink Taco | Day Session Edit + Pictures

Stoked on this new one from Wheel Talk of a good portion of the bay area squad hitting up a DIY skate spot that looks insanely hard to ride. Nevertheless, they made it work and got some sick footage there while definitely having a good time hanging out. For how tight and slippery that tranny was, Slum and Boothby managed to get a bunch of rad tricks down. Along with this sick video, Dave Beard got some really incredible pictures of the day too. Worth a few looks for sure!

DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_GusMolina_Xup DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_FGFS_MattReyes_Hop2 DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_JoshBoothby_Footjam

Sheldon Skate Plaza Edit Featuring Elliott Milner, Johnathan Ball, and Michael Penrose

We hit up Sheldon skate plaza early Thursday morning to film a fun edit. The energy was real that day and we were all vibing off each other and pushing each other. Elliott’s bag of tricks and consistency is ridiculous. Check this out.


Last set of photos I have from our excursion to Bangkok. It was a hell of a good time out there.



3rd & Army | Lifestyle Photos

Some lifestyle shots I was able to snatch while sessioning 3rd and Army with all the dudes before the Red Bull comp. More photos after the jump.




The Road Kill crew is back again including our sMc family member Robert Rice. These two rip this park along with everything else they ride. Robert is getting so dialed and Miguel has improved so much lately. Robert’s lines are buttery and Miguel’s feeble hard was real smooth. Definitely check this one out. Short, sweet, and to the point.