sMc Presents | ARIZONA ICED OUT TRIP 2015

Here’s the full length video for our Arizona Trip that myself, Michael Penrose, and Corey San Agustin embarked on a few weeks ago to meet up with Matt, Steven, and Congo. It was a hell of a good time and probably one of the most fun weeks of riding that I’ve experienced. We stayed for a week and literally rode and stacked clips every single day. The soreness was real, our bikes barely made it out alive, but nonetheless, here it is. The Arizona Iced Out Trip. Enjoy!


Last set of photos I have from our excursion to Bangkok. It was a hell of a good time out there.




This was a really nice surprise to see come out yesterday. Last year Jake and Jesse Santos made their way out to Portugal to meet up with Ricardo Lino. Tagging along was Jotta and Pedro, and with the five of them they were able to do some serious damage to spots out there. The spots out there are insane and Jake took advantage and put in some serious work on this, slaying everything in sight. Fucking killing it dude. Definitely check this one out.