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The long awaited Super Bowl Sunday video (which is seeming like is gonna be an annual thing now) by Wheel Talk is back for its second run featuring a whole grip of bay area shredders. To sum this video up, Josh Silva is a maniac. Everyone else shreds hard of course, but Josh Silva can seemingly hold a hang five forever and is a nutter for trying to backflip that ramp at the end. Such an underrated rider for sure. I love the vibe of this one. Such a sense of camaraderie with all these dudes. Making me wish I was out there to spend the day with them, DON’T MISS THIS ONE! (Check out last year’s video here)


Pink Taco | Day Session Edit + Pictures

Stoked on this new one from Wheel Talk of a good portion of the bay area squad hitting up a DIY skate spot that looks insanely hard to ride. Nevertheless, they made it work and got some sick footage there while definitely having a good time hanging out. For how tight and slippery that tranny was, Slum and Boothby managed to get a bunch of rad tricks down. Along with this sick video, Dave Beard got some really incredible pictures of the day too. Worth a few looks for sure!

DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_GusMolina_Xup DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_FGFS_MattReyes_Hop2 DigitalDitchDays_DaveBeardPhotography_PinkTaco_JoshBoothby_Footjam


All your favorite NorCal legends featuring Matt Reyes, Mike Schmitt, Josh Boothby, Ramon Antonio, Josh Silva, Ed Wonka, and more got together for Super Bowl Sunday to ride and bullshit around SF. Looked like a hell of a good time with some fire clips in the mix, as expected from a group like this. Stoked on this one.

Red Bull Ride + Style Official Flyer & Boothby Interview

Make your way out to the Ride + Style event in San Francisco this weekend!



Also, check out the interview + photos with Boothby on the Red Bull site talking about the event and the promo they dropped a couple days ago here. 

Josh Boothby -

Josh Boothby FGFS

A little edit thrown together from Boothby’s footage fromthe Zen Grips Woodward west trip last year. First FGFS flair, WOOO! I wonder what people would’ve thought 4 years ago if you told them a fixed gear bike would do a flair in the future? Definitely have come a long way. Boothby stays killing it. This edit was a teaser for his new brand, “Boothby FGFS”. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Premiered via Locked Cog 


Josh Boothby | Fixed Perspective 3D Bike Course

A really tight little promo for the upcoming Red Bull Ride + Style Competition in two weeks. Boothby enters a new dimension and messes around on a video game style course. So sick! Can’t wait for this event.