Throwback: sMc Photos.

So I was going through old photos and I came by a lot of cool old photos of myself and the sMc crew that nobody really saw. Crazy to see how much things have changed in over a year. Riders here include Alec Aranowitz, Myself, Christian Meldrum, Gunnar Johnson, Chris Ruelas, Anthony Sanchez, Ryan Schuk, and Junho Park.

HB Ride.

Met up with Alex Pham, Michael Trinh, Christian Meldrum, Sam Bouchard, Ryan Schuk, Junho Park, and Zach Babinski in Huntington yesterday for an afternoon ride. Definitely a good day and got a lot of pictures from it. Definitely need to do more of these. A big planned ride may even be in the works.

Photos by Me and Christian Meldrum